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Written by Holly Janion

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Overrepparttar next year we will change all our sites torepparttar 108317 ws domain name and when our other domain names come up for renewal, we will consider not renewing these thus saving money. I also managed to secure two other domain names, and These highly desirable domain names were obviously not available with a, but one day, whenrepparttar 108318 ws domain name is established, perhaps somebody will make me an offer for these. Inrepparttar 108319 meantime I shall use them as doorway pages pointing to my WWW Treasure Hunt site, using web site promotion and internet advertising as meta tags. Obviously having these words as part ofrepparttar 108320 domain name too, will result in higher search engine rankings and thus more traffic to my site. To see if your own domain name is available, go to http://WorldSite.WS/hollyj55. Ifrepparttar 108321 domain name you want is unavailable, similar desired names are returned and because this is still so new, there are many options to choose from. So don't delay, register your WS domain name today. Don't sit back in a couple of years and say if only I knew then what I know now. Who knows, perhaps you will also be offered a few million dollars for your new WS domain name inrepparttar 108322 future. I sure hope I am.

Holly Janion is webmaster for Wade's World, an internet business solutions company. As well as personally managing the WWW Treasure Hunt site at, Holly also writes articles on internet marketing. Holly can be contacted by e-mailing

Domain Names

Written by Richard Lowe

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Can you have more than one domain name go torepparttar same site?

Yes, if your ISP supports it. Actually, some domain registrars will support this even ifrepparttar 108316 ISP does not.

This, byrepparttar 108317 way, is a good idea under some conditions. Suppose you have a site which is commonly misspelled. You might purchase your domain andrepparttar 108318 misspelled domain name, and point them torepparttar 108319 same site.

It's often a good idea to purchaserepparttar 108320 ".NET", ".ORG" and ".COM" versions of your domain name if they are available. This preventsrepparttar 108321 problem that occurred withrepparttar 108322 whitehouse - is indeedrepparttar 108323 whitehouse, but is a pornographic site.

Many ISPs or web hosts will charge extra for this feature if you do it using their services.

What arerepparttar 108324 qualities of a good domain name?

A good domain name should tell your visitors what your site is about. It should be easy to remember and it should be as short as possible.

Can you purchase a domain name just to prevent someone else from getting it?

Yes you can, as long as it does not violaterepparttar 108325 rules of cybersquatting. In fact, many companies will purchase as many variations of their domain name as they can. For example, if you company was named "AOL" you might want to purchaserepparttar 108326 domain "AOLSUCKS.COM" to prevent an AOL bashing site from being set up.

I've heard about long domain names - what about them?

Long domain names were allrepparttar 108327 rage during recent years. The concept was to get as many long domain names as you could with keywords related to your site. For example, for "" you might also get "" and "" as well as "". Although it should be obvious that no surfer is going to type these long domain names,repparttar 108328 idea was search engines would seerepparttar 108329 various keywords. This was touted as important for boosting your ranking inrepparttar 108330 search engine listings (ranking is how high up onrepparttar 108331 list you get - a ranking of 1 means you are first).

As far as I can tell, this is all so much hogwash. Save your money for something useful.

What aboutrepparttar 108332 domain names that require my browser be modified to see?

One company decided to offer it's own set of top level domains. It did this by maintaining it's own tables and offering a browser plug-in to interested surfers.

Personally, I believe this is one ofrepparttar 108333 silliest things I've ever heard. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. These people are side-steppingrepparttar 108334 established domain naming system, and it's highly unlikely that they will be recognized throughoutrepparttar 108335 internet. If their domain name tables ever become recognized byrepparttar 108336 main top level servers, then I would consider their services. Otherwise, I think I will save my money.

How do I see if a domain is already registered?

You can checkrepparttar 108337 WHOIS database. Internet Tips And Secrets hosts a WHOIS lookup form.

What happens ifrepparttar 108338 registration renewal is not paid on time?

You loserepparttar 108339 rights torepparttar 108340 domain and it can be sold to someone else.

Additional Information

Cybersquatting It's illegal to purchase a domain name similar to trademarked name.

Who Needs a Domain Name? You've worked hard on your site and you want to be professional. You need a domain name.

Domain Parking Got a domain name but you're not ready to put together a site? If so, you want to park your domain.

Registering a domain name If you want your web site to be respected or to make any significant money, you had better register a domain name.

Transferring a domain ransferring.htm Unhappy with your domain registrar? Price too high? Then go ahead and transfer your domain to another one.

The new domains are coming soon A number of new domains have been approved. This is good news for webmasters as it adds more choices to naming your sites

Networks - WHOIS Need to find out who owns a domain name? Want to see if a domain has been purchased by someone? The WHOIS tool is what you need to use.

URLs give names to web pages and documents A URL is a Uniform Resource Locator which allows web pages to locate one another throughoutrepparttar 108341 world.

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