Move Over, Doggie Bag

Written by Bob Bassett

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Dog gift baskets come in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Small baskets can be had for under $10. Larger baskets, of course, go up in price. Many online retailers offer customized dog gift baskets, as well, including your selection of treats and toys. When selecting a dog gift basket, rememberrepparttar size ofrepparttar 141615 animal. A tiny poodle or chihuaha would have a hard time with an extra large bone. Likewise a large dog may complete destroy a toy sized appropriately for a small dog.

Pets are playing a role of ever-increasing importance in their people's lives. Where once animals were once a necessity and tool, now they are companions and friends to many people. Recognizing that someone's pet is an important part of their life let's someone know how important they are to you. A dog gift basket is a great way to say that.

Bob Bassett is the owner of Unique Gift Baskets Online which offers a wide selection of gift baskets for any occasion including baby gift baskets, food gift baskets, wine and corporate gift baskets.

Nutrition and Arthritic Pets

Written by JR Rogers

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You do not have to become a "food expert" to make decisions here. Assuming you can afford to spend a little extra for pet food, use some common sense.

Price is a good guideline. If you see a 40-pound bag of dog food that is on sale for $12.95, it is likely not onrepparttar most desirable food list (a least, not from my standpoint.) If you studyrepparttar 141614 label, it likely will tell you that this is correct.

Premium and All-Natural

When you move up in price, you are likely looking at "premium" and "all-natural" offerings. The premium brands are going to be on most store shelves and usually they are sold by veterinarians as well. Even this food group does not necessarily haverepparttar 141615 finest ingredients. Unfortunately, price alone does not always tellrepparttar 141616 story here.

The "all-natural" pet foods, generally speaking, arerepparttar 141617 best ofrepparttar 141618 bunch. These use natural preservatives and you are not going to find artificial flavoring or coloring. Of course,repparttar 141619 price corresponds torepparttar 141620 quality and for some of you it is not feasible from a budget standpoint.

I have recommended using raw vegetables as part of your pet's diet. It is far less expensive and once they get used to it (and, if you do not overdo it) it is a healthy and less expensive approach.

Pets with arthritis need solid and healthy nutrition. If your budget allows yourepparttar 141621 luxury of giving themrepparttar 141622 best, then opt forrepparttar 141623 all-natural group.

Remember, high-quality liquid glucosamine is only part ofrepparttar 141624 picture. To get an arthritic pet healthier overall, it requires attention to both diet and exercise as well.

JR Rogers is the owner of Synflex America Inc. makers of Syn-flex, a premium glucosamine arthritis formula for humans and household pets.

The author's statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not provided to diagnose or to suggest that liquid glucosamine and chondroitin will treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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