Mountain biking in Bali's Mount Batur

Written by Monique Cordeiro

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The ride aroundrepparttar volcano is fairly tiring and not forrepparttar 149912 faint hearted, but once you get torepparttar 149913 lake, you'll be able to enjoy a picturesque ride alongrepparttar 149914 shores of Lake Batur . Be sure to pack a sandwich lunch, but if you've got an iron gut, be adventurous and get a taste ofrepparttar 149915 local favourites found atrepparttar 149916 little coffee shops that dotrepparttar 149917 shores of Lake Batur .

Alright, maybe a ride allrepparttar 149918 way from Penelokan to Batur might be a little much, so you might want to drive downrepparttar 149919 main road torepparttar 149920 lake and dorepparttar 149921 ride alongrepparttar 149922 shores and explore other trails. Or, you might want to hop in a boat from Lake Batur Jetty and crossrepparttar 149923 lake torepparttar 149924 ancient village of Trunyan . It'll be a good day trip, so leave enough time. Head back inrepparttar 149925 afternoon to your hotel for a good rest and a well earned massage!

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Jet Lag - 7 Steps To A Successful Trip

Written by Donald Saunders

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Withrepparttar exception of any prescribed medication that you normally take, you should avoid sleeping pills, so-called ‘jet lag’ pills and overrepparttar 149911 counter medication for jet lag. Not only do these have little or no beneficial effect, many of them can actually add to your problems.

In particular, avoidrepparttar 149912 common temptation to take sleeping pills during your flight. They may well help you to get to sleep onrepparttar 149913 aircraft, but they will add to your problems when you arrive at your destination.

Tip 5. Dress comfortably for your flight.

Choose comfortable and loose fitting clothes to travel in and tuck a pair of slippers into your carry-on luggage to wear on boardrepparttar 149914 aircraft. It’s nice to be able to get dressed up and go out once you reach your destination but nobody is going to expect you to get dressed up torepparttar 149915 nines while you’re traveling.

Tip 6. Get out inrepparttar 149916 sunshine.

Once you reach your destination get out into daylight as much as possible duringrepparttar 149917 first few days of your trip. Daylight sends powerful signals to your body clock and you’ll find that it adjusts far more quickly if it is exposed torepparttar 149918 normal cycle of daylight and darkness at your destination. So take advantage of this and don’t hide yourself away indoors.

Tip 7. Take something special with you.

It can often be difficult settling in strange surroundings and, in particular, relaxing sufficiently to fall asleep. So, take one or two items of special significance with you, perhaps a family photograph or a favorite bedside ornament, to help give a little bit ofrepparttar 149919 feel of home.

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Jet lag ruins many trips, but the solution is simpler than you might think.

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