Mountain Hiking Tips, Mountain Trekking Gear & Equipment Hints.

Written by Marc Wiltse

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Now if you had a 40% decrease in your ability to deliver oxygen to your body during an average day wouldn't you be concerned? Add inrepparttar fact you're asking more of your body in terms of keeping you warm in a cooler/cold environment, you are constantly losing water from your system, your reactions are slowed, and your not aroundrepparttar 150915 corner fromrepparttar 150916 nearest hospital. Your mountain hiking equipment becomes a more important considerationrepparttar 150917 higherrepparttar 150918 altitude andrepparttar 150919 more remote your location.

Depending on how coldrepparttar 150920 temperatures you might encounter are you'll probably want some good insulated hiking boots (depending onrepparttar 150921 altitude and temperature you may need mountaineering boots), hiking clothes, sleeping bags, camping tents, and other equipment used for hiking rated for lower temperature than what you think you'll actually experience. This will give you an extra margin of safety. Also keep in mind that mildly uncomfortable mountain hiking gear will become a bigger problem...

If you'd like more information about mountain hiking click here forrepparttar 150922 rest ofrepparttar 150923 article. You may also want to take a look at a couple of related articles on how to pickrepparttar 150924 best hiking footwear.

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What You Must Know About Trampoline Safety

Written by Paul Johnson

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* Training and Supervision

No child or adult, should be allowed to attempt complicated tumbling such as summersaults, when they have not had adequate training. Incorrect landing positions can cause serious and disabling injuries. Supervision should be provided for everyone who is learning to use a trampoline forrepparttar first time.

Ideally, there should be someone on hand who can instruct them in simple maneuvers, and who is also versed in first aid for injuries. Alternately, it may benefit everyone, to join a gym for a class in proper trampoline use, including mounts and dismounts.

* One At a Time

The chance of injury soars when more than one person gets on a trampoline atrepparttar 150905 same time. This can berepparttar 150906 result of collisions, or upsetting another person's balance, causing them to fall. Unless you are a trained "spotter", all others waiting a turn, should stand away fromrepparttar 150907 trampoline while someone else is using it.

Paul Johnson works as a software developer, often working long hours under great stress. He considers exercise crucial to his health. When purchasing his own fintess equipment he researched all available products. Now he's written a series of useful articles on choosing (and using) exercise equipment.

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