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Written by Daniel Levy

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The N.A.D.A. guide for motorcycles are better know as:repparttar "Motorcycle Blue book".


Another way to check for prices is to look into your local market. You can do it online and/or offline. Search inrepparttar 102730 newspaper, bulletin boards, classified adds, E-Bay, shops, friends. Compare prices take a look atrepparttar 102731 physical condition of different used motorcycles.


Prices may vary (sometimes a lot) depending where inrepparttar 102732 world you are located in. So, always check inrepparttar 102733 books AND in your local market to get accurate values.

Enjoyrepparttar 102734 Ride!

Daniel Levy

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The Motorcycle Helmet You Want May Not Be As Safe As You Think!

Written by Michael Holmes

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Take a motorcycle helmet and look at it fromrepparttar front. Now imagine it is divided into three sections;repparttar 102729 top (the cranium area)repparttar 102730 middle (the area most likely covered byrepparttar 102731 visor) andrepparttar 102732 bottom (on a full face helmet, this would berepparttar 102733 chin guard area).

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, and you hit your head you would have a 35% chance ofrepparttar 102734 impact occurring to your chin area, 10% to your visor area, and 22% chance ofrepparttar 102735 impact occurring to your front cranium area.

Now turnrepparttar 102736 helmet around. Looking at it fromrepparttar 102737 back, divide it in two downrepparttar 102738 middle. In an accident, if you hit you head, you have a 16% chance of impact occurring onrepparttar 102739 back of you head torepparttar 102740 left side, and a 17% chance of impact occurring onrepparttar 102741 back right side. Conclusion? Well, this is only my personal conclusion but I would sayrepparttar 102742 following…

The safest helmets are full face helmets… Second would be three quarter helmets with visors… Third would be half helmets…

Last would be novelty helmets.

There are lots of reasons people wear helmets. However, if safety is you main consideration, then take a good look atrepparttar 102743 full face helmets onrepparttar 102744 market, take some time and find one which you can wear comfortably on every ride.

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