Motivators... Catch Folks Doing It Right

Written by Josh Hinds

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Here's my suggestion... Catch those around you doing something good! Admittedly this might sound overly simple, but you have to realize it's in this very simplicity that makes it so effective. People love to be rewarded. Often we missrepparttar point that people are motivated in different ways.

For some people it might be monetary rewards, perhaps it is something like being publicly recognized in a group of their peers, or shown appreciation inrepparttar 123926 company newsletter for a job well done. This simple idea stretches both intorepparttar 123927 world of business and one's personal life.

It makes no difference if you're talking about dealing with your family or a disgruntled employeerepparttar 123928 fact remains that people like to be appreciated. They may tell you otherwise, but it's one of life's inescapable truths. The more you look for ways to catch people doing things well,repparttar 123929 less you're going to find yourself worrying about repparttar 123930 other.

Now it's time to get out there and catch those around you doing something good. One word of caution, be genuine in your approach. If you do,repparttar 123931 rest will take care of itself... To Your Success, Josh Hinds

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The Heat of Desire

Written by Susan James

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If we say, we don't think about money that much, then I have to ask *you*, are your dreams coming true? And if they are or they are not, is sweet money attached to it in some way but *you* are not choosing to see it that way?

In studying wealth & successful people who have also chosen to follow their gifts, which then led them to wealth & success, they all had several things in common.

A. They had a high desire and would not allow themselves to get in their own way, no matter what. B. They developed many income streams. If you want wealth it will not come from your 9-5 job. C. They followed what they really loved to do, no matter what.

All of A-B-C above are about moving energy . We are now understanding how to do it on purpose so that we don't have repparttar hardships alongrepparttar 123925 way.

Butrepparttar 123926 most important part is that this high desire comes from our Spirit side. Werepparttar 123927 human personality are merely repparttar 123928 dress. Are You Paying Attention? Or are you pushing high desire away from you, because it may send you out into that wonderful place ofrepparttar 123929 unknown, which is where our *dreams come true* are. Are you Paying attention? Am I? I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am.

Where in lies your desire? It'srepparttar 123930 primary tool to bring to you your dreams come true! Can you feelrepparttar 123931 Heat of it? I's in every cell of my body.

Author/Consultant, Susan James, Writes & Teaches the Application of ŠUser Friendly Physics to Human Potential. >From Dreams Come True To Weight Loss. Author of: Manifesting 101 & Beyond/ MM4M:Manifesting Millionaires (ebook/print soon)

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