Motivation and goal settings –The to do list.

Written by Lynne Dean

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Always prioritize.

To finalized my "To do list", I like to enumeraterepparttar task in priorities or by rationality. If I am going out I might as well do everything on my list that requires driving. And you guessed,repparttar 145042 priority in this case, would be to archive my filing cabinet (this in any case would have to be done in order for this "To do list" to be successful). And if byrepparttar 145043 end ofrepparttar 145044 day, you did not cross out everything on your list, don’t beat yourself up! You might have wanted to do too many things in one day - Be flexible, adjust accordingly. Write it down forrepparttar 145045 following day until it’s crossed out.

This useful technique will motivate you to stay focused on your goal. You will also feel like you have achieved a part of your goal, you will be thrilled and proud. Trust me.

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Got goals? Are they accomplished?

Written by Lynne Dean

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“Nature gave man two ends –one to sit on and one to think with. Ever since, man’s success has been dependent onrepparttar one he uses most.” –George R. Fitzpatrick

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I would like to keep writing, but I also want to keep this e-zine short so not to take too much of your time. Until next month, keeprepparttar 145042 dust off your back and get busy!

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