Mothers of Home Based Business, don't be afraid of marketing globally.

Written by Miha Thornton

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Ebay, yahoo and google make it very easy to go global. For example within your google PPC account you can create ads in many languages targeting many keywords.

Set up and ad delivery can be done in minutes. Just think, your ad can be broadcast torepparttar four quarters ofrepparttar 149244 globe, in a number of foreign languages - in minutes.

If you're marketing a few select products it's easy to get things automated torepparttar 149245 stage where you'll be able to list items withoutrepparttar 149246 help ofrepparttar 149247 native speaker.

Emails can be directed directly or indirectly to your native speaker for translation andrepparttar 149248 whole operation can be streamlined for maximum efficiency.

Because of emailrepparttar 149249 native speaker doesn't even have to be from your area.

Once you've picked your target country and product(s) you can dorepparttar 149250 usual overture keyword search term to check demand of your idea in that country.

If things work out it's also quite easy to create a homepage inrepparttar 149251 foreign language to further enhance sales. If things don't work out, then you've lost very little.

The real benefit of targeting foreign buyers is that it allows you to escaperepparttar 149252 brutal level of competition forrepparttar 149253 same products and prices inrepparttar 149254 domestic market.

If you can source a good product (good profit margin, not prone to breakage) and communicate your offer to foreign buyers then consider this niche marketing option.

The great benefit to mothers of this type of marketing is that you can try a different form of marketing that you can do quickly and at minimal cost.

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Understanding sleep for healthier living and getting the job done

Written by Miha Thornton

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Although it might seem likerepparttar ultimate wish come true when we hear about a young baby sleeping throughrepparttar 149243 night, new research is showing that this might NOT be inrepparttar 149244 best interests ofrepparttar 149245 baby.

Here's why.

Babies are at their most vulnerable when they are very young. Their cardiopulmonary regulating systems are not developed enough to cope well with self arousal from long spells in NREM.

Alternating frequently between REM & NREM stops a baby from falling too deeply for too long into deep sleep from which she might not be able to self wake.

This is one ofrepparttar 149246 main theories behindrepparttar 149247 incidence of SIDS.

Secondly, blood flow torepparttar 149248 brain nearly doubles during REM sleep and researchers theorize this is because this isrepparttar 149249 time whenrepparttar 149250 brain develops.

Learning is thought to occur asrepparttar 149251 brain processes information that was acquired while awake.

This is further reinforced byrepparttar 149252 fact that premature babies spend almost ninety percent of their sleeping time in REM - to protect themselves from falling into a deep state of sleep for too long and to help speed up their brain development.

A young baby has a very small stomach (slightly larger than her fist) and because she digests breast milk very quickly it is unlikely that she'll sleep for more than four hours, and most likely for not more than 1 - 2 hours between feeds

After six months babies cardiopulmonary regulating systems have developed torepparttar 149253 point where their bodies are better able to cope with longer periods of deep sleep and thusrepparttar 149254 risk of SIDS drops dramatically.

Adults need between 7 - 8 hours per day for peak condition. Adolescents need nine and a quarter hours per day, yet American adolescents average only seven and a half hours with up to 25% surviving on six and a half hours.

No wonder why they struggle to get out of bed most mornings and struggle with concentration during school!

Average Ideal Sleep Times

Newborn 16.5 hours 12 months 14.5 2 years 13 5 years 11 10 years 10 16 years 8.5 20 +years 7-8

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