Mother Tongue Communications Ltd Announces the release of 'WORDFLOW' an On-Line Translation Management System

Written by Liz Toone

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Mark Dilks of Mother Tongue adds “The most costly elements of printing - down time and set-up - often up to 40% ofrepparttar print costs, can be completely avoided using WordFlow. We estimate savings of up to 30% inrepparttar 143056 first year alone”. The WordFlow concept has been rigorously tried and tested in a tough multinational market. The system's efficacy and substantial benefits are well proven.

With its just-in-time production and delivery capability, WordFlow can dramatically reduce print inventory costs, too. It also hasrepparttar 143057 facility to store digitally a vast amount of collateral artwork, to be called off and speedily amended as and when required.

Prior to establishing Mother Tongue Communications, its principal was a senior European Marketing Manager for a top 3 company inrepparttar 143058 Fortune 500 league, responsible for a wide range of above-, below- and through-the-line marketing collateral deployed in numerous countries acrossrepparttar 143059 continent.

He rapidly identified a number of damaging inconsistencies inrepparttar 143060 company's activities. The combined spend onrepparttar 143061 below-the-line activities was in excess of $5 million per annum.

The company then developed and implemented a process, similar to that of Mother Tongue Communications' WordFlow, withrepparttar 143062 following results.

• Total consistency of branding, message, corporate image and identity • Strict centralised control • Multilingual flexibility • Total accountability and traceability • Elimination of duplicated resources • Faster production times • More efficient use of manpower, particularly at national level • Substantial economies of scale in printing • Increased speed to market - enabling in-territory staff to focus on implementation inrepparttar 143063 field

Within three yearsrepparttar 143064 new streamlined system had savedrepparttar 143065 company $6.6 million with further savings accruing asrepparttar 143066 system was rolled-out globally.

Mother Tongue Communications LTD can be contacted atrepparttar 143067 following: Telephone/Fax:- Tel +44 (0) 1908 269872

Independent pr and marketing consultant, specialising in IT, sport and music, based near Milton Keynes, UK.

Dump that Overhead Projector!

Written by Robert F. Abbott

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Perhaps there should be a 12-step program for getting over overhead projectors. While they're unlikely be an addiction, they can be a crutch, one that allows us to make presentations without adequate thought or preparation.

Personally, I likerepparttar idea of giving up overheads and projectors altogether. A colleague recently asked if we should use overheads when we do some upcoming presentations together. I expressed my opinion firmly. Need I say what that was?

If you're not ready to give them up, use your overheads in a supporting role. Don't ask them to carry a substantial part ofrepparttar 143055 message; you should deliverrepparttar 143056 message, andrepparttar 143057 overheads should reinforce what you say.

For example, if your presentation involves numerical information, a simple bar or line graph might helprepparttar 143058 audience getrepparttar 143059 point. Or, if you're talking about a sequence of events and their order is critical, a numbered list might help.

Butrepparttar 143060 best bet may be to go without. Beforerepparttar 143061 presentation, think hard aboutrepparttar 143062 message or messages you want to convey. Boil them down into no more than three points, and then look for stories, analogies, metaphors, and anything else that will illustrate and reinforce each point. Try to create mental images with words, like good radio ads.

In summary, overhead projectors put serious communication barriers between speakers and audiences. Get rid of them. You'll be glad you did - and your audience will, too.

Robert F. Abbott writes and publishes Abbott's Communication Letter. Learn how you can use communication to help achieve your goals, by reading articles or subscribing to this ad-supported newsletter. An excellent resource for leaders and managers, at:

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