Mosquitoes in Your Garden? Try Planting These!

Written by Scottie Johnson

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MOSQUITO PLANTS There are two types of plants that are called mosquito plants. One is a member ofrepparttar geranium family that was genetically engineered to incorporaterepparttar 110102 properties of citronella. Citronella only grows in tropical places, but it is a well known repellant for mosquitoes. This plant was created to bringrepparttar 110103 repellant properties of citronella into a hardier plant. It will grow where any geranium will thrive. Many have questioned its usefulness as a mosquito repellant, but it is attractive enough to warrant planting for it's ornamental value.

The other kind of mosquito plant is agastache cana. Its common names include Texas hummingbird mint, bubblegum mint, giant hyssop, or giant hummingbird mint. As you might guess, hummingbirds are quite attracted to it. It is a New Mexico native, also found in parts of Texas. It is, in fact, a member ofrepparttar 110104 mint family and its leaves do have a pungent aroma when crushed. In its native habitat, it is perennial, and is usually hardy in USDA Zones 5a-9a. It blooms late summer to early fall, so it catches hummingbirds on their annual migration. The long, medium pink flowers reel in butterflies as well.

CATNIP One ofrepparttar 110105 most powerful mosquito repellant plants is ordinary catnip. Recent studies have shown that it is ten times more effective than DEET at repelling mosquitoes. It is a short lived perennial throughout most ofrepparttar 110106 United States. It is easy to grow from seed, and quickly reseeds. Aside from its intoxicating effects on cats,repparttar 110107 leaves make a very soothing tea.

With all of these plants,repparttar 110108 leaves must be crushed to releaserepparttar 110109 aroma. Otherwise mosquitoes can't smell them. And, with rosemary and catnip, you can simply crush a few leaves and rub on your skin and clothing to enhancerepparttar 110110 effect.

So, next time you are revising your plantings, consider using some of these attractive plants to do more than just enhancerepparttar 110111 landscape. You can have pretty ornamentals that also drive mosquitoes away.

Scottie Johnson is a life long mosquito warrior and freelance writer dedicated to eliminating mosquitoes from your life. She is also an organic gardener. For more information about mosquito control in your home and yard, visit her website at Copyright 2004 All rights reserved.

Global Dumbing?

Written by Gary Whittaker

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Global Dimming isrepparttar best example yet. Scientists have started to look at how it has become increasing dimmer onrepparttar 110101 planet. Sunlight is not getting through as it once used to. It is only normal to think that whatever is keepingrepparttar 110102 sunlight out, must be keepingrepparttar 110103 heat in. And whatever is keepingrepparttar 110104 sunlight out is not necessarily providing us with a layer of protection. More likely, it is beginning to coat our planet with more harmful cancer causing radiation.

While I do not profess to hold a degree in science, I do profess to hold common sense. All science has done is identify several situations, but has done nothing to confirm how we got their, and what we need to do to get back to where we were. My belief is that there may be too much corporate interference for any decisive action to be taken. And forrepparttar 110105 companies who will continue to pollute our environment that is as good as winning. The worst thing that we can do as a population, is not add Global Dumbing torepparttar 110106 list. Get smart, take action. You may not be able to make a difference individually, but together, you can effect change. We may always live in a world that separatesrepparttar 110107 rich fromrepparttar 110108 poor, but that does not mean that we have to accept how those in power secure their wealth.

·Take public transit ·By hybrid cars. Createrepparttar 110109 market and force companies to move away from their alliances with Oil Companies, and forge new ones with alternate energy sources ·Get more active, in physically, with your family, and in your community ·Read labels and ask questions ·Write to your representative

Gary Whittaker is the editor of T.E.N Magazine, a webzine with balls. Check out more articles at

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