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Written by T.L. McMullen

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With figures like this it's no wonder people are working their butts off just to have a roof over their heads to protect their family and loved ones. Day after day they continuerepparttar grind: up early, work hard, stretchrepparttar 145167 budget, work, work, work, and work some more. Then along comes payday and... YIKES! Lots - if not most of that hard earned money needs to be set aside forrepparttar 145168 dreaded mortgage payment. If only there was an easier way!


Lots of people dream of increasing their wealth andrepparttar 145169 ability to pay off their homes and live mortgage free. Now, more than ever, people are turning to network marketing opportunities to reach these goals. For somerepparttar 145170 dreams of financial stability turn to reality but for many others it remains just a dream.

Financial freedom doesnt come from osmosis or wishing, you have to get out there and FIND IT! A current search on Google for 'home business opportunities' produces about 125,000,000 entries. Do all these entries provide income AND innovative mortgage reduction solutions that work? Absolutely not!

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How to Become Successful in the field of Financial Consultants

Written by Randy Wilson

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You can offer your investment consultant services on a commission-only basis, fee-only basis, fee plus commission basis, or fee-offset basis. Of these three methods, onlyrepparttar fee-only method does not require parternering with insurance companies and securities broker/dealers, or obtaining extra licenses. A fee-only consultant creates a financial plan forrepparttar 145157 client, butrepparttar 145158 client is responsible for implementation ofrepparttar 145159 plan. A fee-only consultant usually has a per hour fee or project fee.

Each of these methods of compensation has a good and bad side. You must considerrepparttar 145160 type of financial consultant business you want, and then chooserepparttar 145161 method that is appropriate for you. You can always change methods, but that can be tricky.

If you decide to go with on ofrepparttar 145162 methods, other than fee-only, you will need to find your partners. It is best to partner with as many insurance companies and broker/dealers as possible. This will give your better tools and more options to work with for your clients.

While you are talking to companies, you should also talk with lawyers, and accountants inrepparttar 145163 field. They cannot only refer clients to you, but may be willing to work on projects with you for your clients. This is part ofrepparttar 145164 networking you will need to do to succeed.

You need to invest for insurance for your investment consultant company as well. It protects you and your clients. This is a necessary part ofrepparttar 145165 business. Shouldrepparttar 145166 unimaginable happen, you will be protected.

Clients will probably not fall in front of you when you first start. To gain experience and clients, offer your finance consultant services for a small fee, or even free, to friends and family. Ask them if you can use them as references. This will not just help your business, but it may help them too.

Once you have become a financial consultant, you will need to retain your certifications with continuing education in financial planning. Loot at web sites and books, they will keep you informed of industry trends, as will industry magazines. Stay affiliated with organizations atrepparttar 145167 national, State and local level. Your business is reliant on personal ability and honesty. Stay focused on this and you are bound to succeed.

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