Mortgage Information - Refinancing? Second Mortgage? Home Equity Loan? Understand The Basics

Written by Carrie Reeder

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When applying for a mortgage, you will haverepparttar option of “locking-in,” or “floating” your interest rate. If you choose to lock-in your rate, then you will be assured—for about 60 days—that when you close it will be at that rate. However, if it appears that interest rates will go lower, you can choose to floatrepparttar 148788 interest rate, which means that you can watchrepparttar 148789 rates carefully, and then lock it in whenever it reaches an amount that you are comfortable with.

Closing Costs

When you go to close on your home atrepparttar 148790 title company, bothrepparttar 148791 buyer and seller will have to pay a pre-determined amount of closing costs. These are determined byrepparttar 148792 type of loan you get, andrepparttar 148793 area where you live. Your lender is required by law to inform you of any closing costs beforehand, so be sure to ask for your truth in lending estimate.

As you can see, mortgage terms aren’t that mysterious! Do some research or read some more articles on this site to become familiar withrepparttar 148794 lending terms that you need to know.

There are also many mortgage companies online that can help you find direct mortgage lenders and home loan brokers that will best suit your needs. This is a quick way to find a good mortgage loan and compare rates and offers from multiple lenders. When lenders compete for your business, it works to your advantage.

To see a list of recommended mortgage loan companies online, visit this page: - Carrie Reeder is the owner of ABC Loan Guide, an informational website with articles and more about various types of loans.

Top 10 tips to save money on your car insurance

Written by Paul Johnson

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7.Use your car less Clearly,repparttar more you use your carrepparttar 148787 higherrepparttar 148788 probability is that you’ll be involved in an accident. As a result people who travel hundreds of miles every week are likely to have a higher car insurance premium. 8.Don’t get onrepparttar 148789 wrong side ofrepparttar 148790 law Insurance companies don’t like motoring convictions as they mean a driver is seen as a higher risk. Certain motoring convictions are considered worse than others, for example drink driving offences mean that your premium will be doublerepparttar 148791 usual rate.

9.Reducerepparttar 148792 number of people under your policy The more people on your insurancerepparttar 148793 more you’ll have to pay. So, if possible try to have as few drivers on your policy as feasible.

10.Live inrepparttar 148794 countryside As a general rule,repparttar 148795 further you live away from a cityrepparttar 148796 cheaper your car insurance is likely to be. By living inrepparttar 148797 city your car is more likely to be stolen or be involved in car accident. You can save up to 50% on your car insurance by moving fromrepparttar 148798 city to a rural location.

Craig Handy Customer Services Manager

Note to editors duck2water Car Insurance ( was established in 2004 as an online only car insurance company. By only selling insurance online we have much lower costs than other insurance companies and these savings are passed onto our customers in the form of lower premiums – up to 60% cheaper!

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