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Qualifiers Use qualifiers to varyrepparttar meaning of a search phrase or keyword and bring additional results. Qualifiers usually are adjectives or adverbs that helps modify and limitrepparttar 144143 extent ofrepparttar 144144 meaning of a noun or pronoun, while an adverb helps modify a verb in a similar way.

Abbreviations & Acronyms Abbreviations and acronyms should be employed in a variety of forms. Extend abbreviations and acronyms to full word phrases to encompass as many possible combinations as possible.

Misspellings A significant number of searches conducted each day are misspelled. Include common misspellings inrepparttar 144145 meta tags of optimized pages to capture any traffic that is mistyped or misspelled.

Shake it Up Mix uprepparttar 144146 order of keywords in phrases to encompass a broad range keyword phrases. Keyword phrase word order variations can be a great source for new keyword phrases.

Hyphenate Consider hyphenating search terms, as this is likely an area competitors are unlikely to venture. The hyphenated term could score well in search engines.

Determining Keywords Additional Resource for Determining Keywords - .htm

Optimizing a site for a variety of keywords will give your siterepparttar 144147 advantage of being found by relevant searchers. The extra keywords could result in increased profits from customers who might not have otherwise located your web site.

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Google to Offer Payment Services Like Paypal

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EBay's PayPal service generated $233.1 million, or 23%, of eBay's revenue inrepparttar first quarter. PayPal has been widely adopted by buyers and sellers on eBay's auction marketplace as a way to pay for purchases. Recently, eBay has been trying to expand PayPal's presence as a payment system for other Web sites. Inrepparttar 143975 first quarter, 71% of PayPal's revenue came from eBay auctions,repparttar 143976 company says.

"It could be a pretty big negative for eBay if it happens," says Safa Rashtchy, Internet analyst at Piper Jaffray. Mr. Rashtchy said he believes Google is also working on a classified listing service, which also would compete with eBay, which is based in San Jose, Calif.

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