More Ways to Benefit from Your Press Release!

Written by Lisa Lake

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In this caserepparttar client's business "story", from humble beginnings to 15 years later, had been intermingled intorepparttar 125202 press release. We expected a good chance of havingrepparttar 125203 release picked up on, since his newest service for finance and credit managers was newsworthy (solutions offered in a shaky economy) and groundbreaking (daily credit updates posted torepparttar 125204 Internet on businesses experiencing economic stress). Certainlyrepparttar 125205 release could add strength torepparttar 125206 sales letter! He firmly decided to include it, inrepparttar 125207 exact form it had been sent out torepparttar 125208 media.


Press releases can be an important element to websites. Who doesn't benefit by being able to click right to current information, important announcements, and news about your company? A progression of releases being made available offers a real history ofrepparttar 125209 business.

Have you extendedrepparttar 125210 life of your press release in other ways? Let me know at

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Driving qualified traffic using Directories

Written by Lee Traupel

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5)Never submit a site unless it is ready for primetime, with no broken links, under construction pages, incomplete text, graphics that aren't loading properly, etc. Indexers are very busy, once they see a site which has problems they will click torepparttar next entry on their list and your hard work is to no avail.

6)Be prepared withrepparttar 125201 proper marketing materials for this type of a campaign, including a working title for your site which is 6-8 words, several groups of keywords that are separated by commas and spaces of varying lengths, approx 10-20 and 30-75 keywords, and a longer description of your site which can be one to two sentences.

7)Part ofrepparttar 125202 required expertise involved in this process is inrepparttar 125203 actual category selection carefully select which category or categories where you think your site fits by looking at others in this category to determine if you fit into this classification.

8)Be aware we are seeing a shift to fee-based submissions to shortcut repparttar 125204 process - Yahoo startedrepparttar 125205 trend over a year ago, now LookSmart and other top tier Directories are starting to dorepparttar 125206 same. The tradeoff is of course minimizing time to market we recommend using repparttar 125207 commercial services to our clients.

9)Want to know if this process has actually done anything for you? Check your log files or web site analysis software and look at where your traffic is coming from.

10)If you are getting significant traffic from a small list of Directories you may want to go back to their web site and pay for their premium listing services to drive more traffic. These enhanced listings services typically enable you to bold your listing or add graphical content which enhancesrepparttar 125208 textual description, usually only for a few hundred dollars per year.

Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of business development and marketing experience. He is the founder/CEO of a Northern California based, privately held, profitable Interactive Marketing Agency and Software Company, Intelective Communications, Inc. and can be reached via e-mail at

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