More Than a Negative...

Written by Terry Dashner

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Faith Fellowship Church has just completed a week of community missions that has had every member reaching beyond themselves to touchrepparttar heart of our law enforcement communities. We believerepparttar 150496 finances invested,repparttar 150497 foods prepared,repparttar 150498 sweat and labors expended,repparttar 150499 continual prayers offered up,repparttar 150500 building and tearing down of equipment,repparttar 150501 sleep lost,repparttar 150502 planning,repparttar 150503 mistakes, andrepparttar 150504 love displayed by all of this motion was worth it. Why? Because Jesus did much more than this when He lived among men, suffered atrepparttar 150505 hands ofrepparttar 150506 same men, was tortured and crucified on a cross by men, and did all of this willingly because He loved mankind.

Jesus was raised fromrepparttar 150507 dead byrepparttar 150508 Holy Spirit. He is very much alive today and making intercession for you and me. Because of that, I want to tellrepparttar 150509 world, “Don’t just try and live life. Receive Jesus. He will lift you aboverepparttar 150510 negative,repparttar 150511 emptiness and fill you with abundant life. Withrepparttar 150512 love of Jesus andrepparttar 150513 power of His Spirit living in you, it’s very unlikely that you will remain in a “rocking chair,” watching other brothers and sisters minister inrepparttar 150514 faith. I believe you will catch ablaze in God’s consuming Fire. It’s a good thing to “burn out.” I dare you to try.

Keeprepparttar 150515 faith. Stayrepparttar 150516 course. Jesus is coming soon. So until He does, be busy aboutrepparttar 150517 Father’s business.

Pastor T.

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK. U.S. Navy veteran, retired police officer, and father of three grown children.

Best Way to Improve Your Music Journalist Relationship

Written by Bard Marc

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I find it intriguing. Do you really WANT to alienate journalists?

I publish this newsletter andrepparttar Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, and I have to steer clear of Flash websites, because they cause problems. I skip them. NO Band is so good that I'm willing to put up with that crap!

Not to mention Flash websites hinder my ability to reviewrepparttar 150462 band. You see, when I start researching a band, I go to their website, copy and paste some info aboutrepparttar 150463 band, finish my comments, and voila! There is NO copy and pasting available with Flash. Again, you've cut your opportunities for getting decent reviews in half.

I know you want to take advantage ofrepparttar 150464 cool technology available, but technology is useless unless it is used with intelligence. So seriously folks, lay offrepparttar 150465 Flash websites!

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