More Subscribers Through Pop-Up Windows And Joint Ventures

Written by Dan Grossman

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There are many places you can findrepparttar JavaScript necessary to createrepparttar 125236 pop-up window and many variations ofrepparttar 125237 script. These are a few of my favorites:

Dynamic Drive's Browser Window Scripts:

JavaScript Source:

You'll also need a script to handlerepparttar 125238 form. It will need to do more thanrepparttar 125239 average subscription form, handling checkboxes for multiple newsletter subscriptions so that surfers can subscribe to as many or as few as they want. Here are two which will do what you need pretty easily:

Master Subscriber Pro by WillMaster ($35)

Check Box Requester by WorksNet ($25)

Once you purchase one of these solutions, write your own, or find a different one and set it up, you need to start finding other newsletter publishers to partner with.

Like link swapping or any other type of partnership, you'll have to write many emails to find people to participate in this with you. You want to build a group of newsletters which complement eachother -- they all focus on different aspects of a common topic.

You don't want more than one newsletter onrepparttar 125240 exact same topic and you don't want topics that are not related to eachother as a surfer at your website may not be interested in other topics at that time.

Once you find a couple publishers to do this with, have each insertrepparttar 125241 pop-up window on their site using JavaScript. Now, each surfer to any ofrepparttar 125242 participating websites hasrepparttar 125243 opportunity to subscribe to not only that one site's newsletter but all ofrepparttar 125244 participating publishers' newsletters.

If done correctly, this method of generating new subscribers can quickly become your most effective.

Dan Grossman runs WebSiteGoodies where you can find over 250 hand-picked resources, articles and tools for website owners!

Cash in on the Information Product Goldmine Today!

Written by Lane Bowers

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I know a woman who is a plastic surgery consultant. Although she has lots of good informational articles on her website, her hottest product is a tape she made of interviews with doctors regarding various procedures. It sells, directly from her website, for over $20 - and sells likerepparttar proverbial hotcakes, too!

A wallpaper expert I know has a little coil-bound booklet of 'Interior Decorating Tips' for sale on his website - for $10. It took him about 20 minutes to putrepparttar 125235 thing together, at a cost of about $1.30 per book!

How can you apply this concept to your business, and your website? Can you create an ebook about your product that people would be willing to pay for? Does your product or service lend itself to any kind of instructional information that you could sell? Would an audiotape work for you? Have you ever thought of creating an instructional videotape for your site visitors? A step-by-step visual presentation of your product or service could be justrepparttar 125236 goldmine your website needs.

Don't miss out on a whole new avenue of inexpensive, but highly effective, promotional materials for your business!

Lane Bowers is a Barefoot Skiing Instructor whose instructional videos provide an extra benefit to his students. Check out his website at

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