More Recommended Ways To Promote Your Website

Written by Steve Nash

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Or, if you're fed up with email courses and just want to visit some websites, you could try these out:

* HitsNClicks - UK subscription based online marketing resource.

* Start Blaze - Drive traffic to your site using your Home page

* Internet News Bureau - Distribute your news release for free

* Affiliate Programs Guide - Use them to build traffic

* Make Your Net Auctions Sell! - Drive traffic to your website!

* The Free Site - Promote that Freebie resource here!


There is always more to read about website promotion. And Web Developers Journal has an excellent guide that steers you away from confusion and information overload:



Unfortunately, website promotion is never over!

So it is important that you concentrate on those website promotion methods that work best for you, and 'just do it' (to coin a random phrase). Don't stop promoting, do keep a record of your efforts, and never forgetrepparttar basics. (And try and enjoy yourself, eh?)

Steve Nash created a basic website promotion guide called How I Promote My Website - The reason? To help him promote his website - AND to help others promote their own sites. He is also editor of the popular twice-monthly newsletter Promote! Promote! Promote! Why not sign up?

Just what is a News Release?

Written by William R. Montgomery

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When you write your news release focus onrepparttar benefits and advantages that you offer, not your product. Leave an impression withrepparttar 125159 reader that you are concerned about whatrepparttar 125160 product can do forrepparttar 125161 reader. Zero in onrepparttar 125162 readers' self interest and whatever you do, avoid givingrepparttar 125163 impression that you are attempting to sell anything. If your news release even remotely resembles an adrepparttar 125164 reader will never see it, because it will never get pastrepparttar 125165 editor, whose job is to see thatrepparttar 125166 news release is informational not promotional.

Remember this: People want to be told....not sold!

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