More Profits in Your Website Hosting Business

Written by Raynay Valles

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Once a customer leaves you for another website host, he's gone forever. You probably already make customer service a priority, with email answered in a timely fashion and well-trained technical support. Gorepparttar extra mile. Don't wait for customers to contact you. Ask your customer how you're doing.


The customer has already bought from you. There is familiarity and trust. You can easily offer complimentary items to your current customer list.

The major concern of your customer is how to succeed online. It's easy to offer online marketing tools, ebooks and additional services. It can be as simple as joining an affiliate program for an item your customer may need, then making him aware ofrepparttar 134399 item.

Focus on these 3 areas, gettingrepparttar 134400 customer, keepingrepparttar 134401 customer and selling more to him. You'll enjoy higher profits in your website hosting business.

Raynay Valles is a Marketing Specialist and author of Profitable Website Hosting. Find out how to getrepparttar 134402 report at - help for all your web hosting needs.

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Find the Host With the Most

Written by Jason Shpik

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Security! security! security!

Ask for a detailed description ofrepparttar hosting company's security protocols. They should provide adequate protection from everyday denial-of-service attacks andrepparttar 134398 various hacks and cracks that will be attempted on your server. Make sure that your host is responsible for upgrading and maintaining these measures - do you really have hours to spend hours reviewing server logs and updating software? The only thing worse than having no security is thinking you have some.

You get what you pay for

When shopping for a host, you'll find that they vary widely in terms of target and pricing. Some hosts skew their servers to accommodate many small sites, while others prefer to take on fewer, high-volume sites. If you inadvertently exceedrepparttar 134399 monthly "cap" on your site's permitted volume, you could quickly find that a little success can be your worst enemy, as your monthly fees make a significant jump. Be sure to strike a good balance between price and volume flexibility.

Don't commit right away

Many hosts will quote you a monthly fee, but bill in larger increments. You could sign on for a month, and find yourself promptly billed for a year's service. Ask aboutrepparttar 134400 billing period, and initially sign on for a small service term (60-90 days). If you're happy withrepparttar 134401 service after this trial period, extendrepparttar 134402 term.

Treat your Web host like you would treat any other supplier for your business. If they can't providerepparttar 134403 service and reliability you need, why keep them? Their competitors will be happy to have your business.

Of courserepparttar 134404 service you will get from a host is important. But you should do some extra digging if you are to feel secure with your new host:

Master your apps

While a standard host with a large amount of disk space and a few fast machines is adequate for static HTML pages, certain sites will make greater demands onrepparttar 134405 host's CPU and will consequently run slower - and slow down every other site onrepparttar 134406 server as well. Streaming video and audio, discussion forums and message boards, online surveys, and high-level animation all require huge amounts of memory and fast access torepparttar 134407 main server. If you can't afford a dedicated or colocated server, at least find one that has experience in integrating these more complex elements.

Don't be OS-tracized

Trying to put square pegs in round holes is ultimately futile, so let your applications be your guide. Don't assume that you need to use Windows NT to run your site with Frontpage extensions. Many applications created for Windows NT will actually be more efficient if they are rewritten for a UNIX environment. Don't worry about figuring this out yourself, but bear in mind that a host who offers both Windows NT and UNIX will be more flexible.

Don't make leaps of faith with your data

You probably have backups of your HTML data, as you created them locally and uploaded them to your host's server. But what aboutrepparttar 134408 other files? User logs, product databases, order tracking logs, server-side scripts, etc., probably only exist on your host's drives and could be lost inrepparttar 134409 event of a failure. Requestrepparttar 134410 ability to back up these files.

Be master of your domain

Queryrepparttar 134411 Whois database ( to ensure that your company is bothrepparttar 134412 administrative and technical contact for your domain. If your host is listed as both of these contacts, it isrepparttar 134413 registrant ofrepparttar 134414 domain, not you. Unless you arerepparttar 134415 registrant, your domain could be held for ransom if there is a dispute between you and your host.

Dealing with user complaints

Many hosts have a zero-tolerance policy with regard to spam and pornography, and don't always subject customer complaints torepparttar 134416 proper scrutiny. As such, a customer complaint, regardless of its validity, could causerepparttar 134417 plug to be unceremoniously pulled on your business. Find out what recourses are open to you, and ifrepparttar 134418 terms are not acceptable, find another provider. Make sure your interests are protected as well asrepparttar 134419 host's.

Check references

You wouldn't hire a CTO without checking his or her references, would you? But that's what you'll be doing if you don't do a bit of digging before handing over your site to a host. Ask for a list of Webmasters who run similar sites offrepparttar 134420 host's server. Call them. E-mail them. Write them. If your host is unwilling to give you this list, go elsewhere.

Read their diary

There's nothing wrong with doing a little snooping to find out what type of people you are committing your property to. Queryrepparttar 134421 Whois database and findrepparttar 134422 business address ofrepparttar 134423 server. Use a tracing program to viewrepparttar 134424 path torepparttar 134425 machine inrepparttar 134426 Whois database. If another ISP's server pops up, chances are you're dealing with a reseller rather than an actual host. Check outrepparttar 134427 other sites on their server. If most of them are spam sites, banner click-through pages or porn sites, being associated with them could have a negative impact on your business.

Listen to other Webmasters

There are ways to discover what other professionals are saying about your host. Tryrepparttar 134428 alt.www.webmasters newsgroup, and postrepparttar 134429 list about your potential host. It is a little time-consuming, butrepparttar 134430 investment is well worth it.

Accolades are meaningless

Ratings by various hosting "associations" are meaningless. While many members ofrepparttar 134431 Web Hosting Guild are highly regarded companies, some are held in very low esteem by Webmasters. Ratings and awards can also be outdated, and might not reflect a host's current state of service.

Readrepparttar 134432 fine print

Make surerepparttar 134433 terms and conditions of your service agreement are clear. Have a business lawyer review your contract before you sign. Carefully evaluate clauses that relate to copyright ownership, complaint protocol, fee renewals, and notification procedures regarding renewal or service discontinuation.

The bottom line is that you need a host to succeed in today's eCommerce world. But keep in mind that this still a world in its infancy, and is continually reinventing itself to suitrepparttar 134434 ever-changing face of eBusiness. As in any other market, you should expect constant change, improvement, andrepparttar 134435 occasional leap in performance or cost-effectiveness. As such, you must always be vigilant, and constantly evaluaterepparttar 134436 service you're getting, and what it's costing you. Remember, it takes years to build a reputation for your business and brand, and only two seconds to lose it. - help for all your web hosting needs.

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