More Mead M'Lord - Ireland's Medieval Banquets

Written by Kriss Hammond

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Listen torepparttar piper, fiddler, bodhran, singers, and watchrepparttar 105389 dancers weaverepparttar 105390 story ofrepparttar 105391 tradition ofrepparttar 105392 Celts. Enjoy home cooked food, excellent wine, and join in with song and dance. The Ceili is twice nightly (subject to demand), at 17:30 and 20:45. If you arrive atrepparttar 105393 Castle in early July you will see costumed knights onrepparttar 105394 grounds, cooking traditional foods, displaying superb swordsmanship, and fighting overrepparttar 105395 local and beautiful wenches.

Bunratty Castle and Folk Park represent a microcosm of Irish history. At one end isrepparttar 105396 Castle, built in 1425 byrepparttar 105397 MacNamara Clan;repparttar 105398 history of this beautiful building stretches over 500 years of turbulence. However, it wasrepparttar 105399 Vikings who first set up a trading post in Bunratty in 950 AD. There have been four castles onrepparttar 105400 site. The Castle was acquired byrepparttar 105401 Anglo-Irish Studdart family in 1720, which lived there untilrepparttar 105402 19th century when they abandonedrepparttar 105403 Castle and built Bunratty House, which stands on a hill onrepparttar 105404 opposite end ofrepparttar 105405 Folk Park.

It was in 1954 that Lord Gort purchasedrepparttar 105406 Castle and restored it to its present and splendid condition. The huge stones under my feet inrepparttar 105407 Great Hall are notrepparttar 105408 original slabs, but imported from a villa in Italy, but fromrepparttar 105409 same era. When Lord Gort purchasedrepparttar 105410 Castle there was no roof and rain had pittedrepparttar 105411 floor. He also installedrepparttar 105412 finest collection of medieval furniture inrepparttar 105413 country, thereby preserving a vital part ofrepparttar 105414 Celt past and heritage of County Clare. This is a living classic castle, withrepparttar 105415 period furniture, tapestries, and works of art on display. The reasons for tapestries were to cut down onrepparttar 105416 cold, winter draughts. In ancient days all merchants and noblemen filled their homes with wine, furniture, and iron from Spain and France, tapestries and bronze dishes fromrepparttar 105417 Netherlands, leather and cloth from Germany and Italy, and spices fromrepparttar 105418 Levant. Irish furniture and furnishings have vanished from castles and homes overrepparttar 105419 centuries. Only three or four Irish pieces dating to pre-1600 still exist, two of which are in Bunratty Castle.

Bunratty Castle stands onrepparttar 105420 former island of Tradaree, a spur ofrepparttar 105421 beautiful Shannon River,repparttar 105422 longest in Europe at 200 miles, still flowing inrepparttar 105423 vale in front ofrepparttar 105424 Castle. During my afternoon visit torepparttar 105425 Castlerepparttar 105426 views ofrepparttar 105427 Shannon fromrepparttar 105428 tower slit windows and battlements are magnificent, with cows grazing peacefully like they did hundreds of years ago in green lushness.

I think how great it would be to live in a castle, until I see one ofrepparttar 105429 dank, smelly bedrooms, and think ofrepparttar 105430 pests, lack of running water, and general unsanitary conditions. Evenrepparttar 105431 Earl of Thomond slept on hay stuffed beds, so hencerepparttar 105432 term, hittingrepparttar 105433 hay!

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Is Coffee The Most Popular Drink In History?

Written by Mary Chambers

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Apart fromrepparttar benefits that have just been mentioned it has to be said that simply drinking coffee as a beverage is a delight that cannot easily be surpassed. The amazing thing is thatrepparttar 105386 average person has no idea ofrepparttar 105387 varied tastes that this hallowed bean has to offer. One ofrepparttar 105388 growing trends of recent years has to berepparttar 105389 rising popularity of ordering coffee viarepparttar 105390 wonder we callrepparttar 105391 internet. Never before have we been able to sample such a wide variety of tastes, blends and aromas without having to endurerepparttar 105392 tedious trials of hiking aroundrepparttar 105393 city. I myself tend to place small orders but I always make a point to recordrepparttar 105394 name, blend and of course exactly from whom I purchased.

Now you knowrepparttar 105395 story ofrepparttar 105396 magic beans I hope that next timeyou are considering popping intorepparttar 105397 local coffee shop you recallrepparttar 105398 story ofrepparttar 105399 wandering sheep herder and consider just what you might be drinking were he not to have wandered with his flock onto that lonely hillside. Takerepparttar 105400 time to tryrepparttar 105401 many different varieties available and I promise yourepparttar 105402 joys of coffee will be sure to tantalize your senses,tease your tastebuds and delight your friends and associates.

Cappuccino or mocha?

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