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Written by Randy Wilson

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Additional services include duplicate or “second” photo albums forrepparttar parents (or in-laws), with $50 offrepparttar 143508 second album. You also can purchase gift certificates for engaged couples. Payment options include visa and other credit cards.

When contacting a photographer in advance ofrepparttar 143509 pre-wedding or wedding shoot, have some ideas ready to discuss. Also give some thought torepparttar 143510 photographer’s ideas since she has been inrepparttar 143511 business for some time and has a knack for what will work best in certain settings.

Whatever your wedding plans in this exciting region, don’t forget to line up an experienced photographer who will capturerepparttar 143512 highlights of your experience and provide unforgettable memories for future generations.

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The Cost of Being a Bridesmaid

Written by Nancy Tessier

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The Bridal Shower:
Bridesmaids andrepparttar maid of honour are required to host a bridal shower and dividerepparttar 143401 cost among themselves. Depending on what you have planned, this could be very costly.

If you have children, you may need to get a sitter forrepparttar 143402 day. Do not assume they are invited guests simply because you are inrepparttar 143403 wedding party. If they are invited, you may need to make special arrangements to have childcare available duringrepparttar 143404 wedding ceremony and reception since your job really isn’t over until afterrepparttar 143405 dinner and speeches have wrapped up.

Even though you have already spent a great deal of money to get ready for your friends wedding, you still have to purchase a gift forrepparttar 143406 bride and groom. A sentimental gift is best but most often bridesmaids choose to give money in an envelope with a nice card. How much to place inrepparttar 143407 envelope is entirely up to you as well asrepparttar 143408 standards and trend in your area.

Thank you note:
Finally afterrepparttar 143409 wedding you should sit down and write a nice note torepparttar 143410 newlyweds, thanking them for allowing you to be part of their important day.

After taking all this into consideration, you will be able to make a more informed decision and should be able to either accept or decline this invitation.

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