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notrepparttar unstable competitors with stale and irrelevant information.

Public service from Four Seasons Roofing and Siding Company.

25 yrs. in the roofing wars.

10 Tips for Working With a Contractor

Written by Debbie Rodgers

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oThe company name, address (not a post office box) & phone number,repparttar name ofrepparttar 100155 builder, contractor and licence number, if applicable oA detailed project description oA materials list oA statement that all necessary permits and inspections arerepparttar 100156 responsibility ofrepparttar 100157 contractor oStarting and completion dates oWarranties of workmanship,repparttar 100158 length ofrepparttar 100159 warranty, and specifically what's covered and what's not oContractor's guarantee that he carries liability insurance and worker's compensation coverage oA statement that clean-up will be done byrepparttar 100160 contractor oThe total price and payment schedule Be wary of hourly, time and materials or cost-plus pricing whererepparttar 100161 final price is not determined until completion ofrepparttar 100162 project. Although it may seem higher, a fixed price may give yourepparttar 100163 best protection and price. Be cautious about upfront payments for more than 15% ofrepparttar 100164 contract price. The schedule and criteria for each instalment should be clearly defined inrepparttar 100165 contract. Any instalments should be not be required on a certain date, but correlated to work completion. Do not pay cash. A reputable builder will ask for a check.

7.Make any changes torepparttar 100166 project in writing with a "work order change" to avoid misunderstandings and surprises. 8.Keep pets and children away fromrepparttar 100167 construction site. This will ensure not only their safety, but also that ofrepparttar 100168 workers. In addition, it helps keeprepparttar 100169 project on schedule. 9.Inspectrepparttar 100170 work regularly. 10.Pay directly and promptly according torepparttar 100171 contract. Above all, you should feel comfortable communicating with your contractor. If you sense he is being evasive when you are getting a quote, it won't get any better duringrepparttar 100172 construction period. Find someone you understand and who understands you, and who is open and forthright.

Working with a contractor takes a little preparation, but following these steps is well worth it. Are you looking forward to your new outdoor space?

Debbie Rodgers, the haven maven, owns and operates Paradise Porch, and is dedicated to helping people create outdoor living spaces that nurture and enrich them. Visit her on the web at and get a free report on “Eight easy ways to create privacy in your outdoor space”. Mail to

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