Monkey Ears

Written by Andrea Campbell

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The constant ambient air temperature isrepparttar physical mechanism which, in random fashion, creates sound waves that resonate withinrepparttar 127721 air column leading torepparttar 127722 eardrum. It follows then, that these incoherent sound waves create a "resonant pressure" onrepparttar 127723 eardrum, similar to what it is like when you hold a seashell to your ear andrepparttar 127724 sound waves bounce around. The resonant pressure fluctuates and increasesrepparttar 127725 random firing of nerve cells inrepparttar 127726 auditory system. Transmitted fromrepparttar 127727 auditory system torepparttar 127728 brain, these random firings result in noise that masks or obscures a signal that contains speech or other useful information.

The smaller shape ofrepparttar 127729 monkey’s ears means thatrepparttar 127730 monkey is faced with a lot more "seashell-type roar" and noise than humans take in. "So that’s whatrepparttar 127731 average monkey is faced with—a lot more white noise is created inrepparttar 127732 little ear that blocksrepparttar 127733 outer ranges of sound. This also explainsrepparttar 127734 historic bank of data that indicates that monkeys hear a smaller range of sounds than humans do.

So, in essence, my little Ziggy’s ears get a lot of ambient noise and those dumb looks in a chaotic setting can be written off to her diminished hearing, or, let’s say her not hearing at a comfortable level. ###

Andrea Campbell isrepparttar 127735 author of Bringing Up Ziggy: What Raising A Helping Hands Monkey Taught Me About Love, Commitment, and Sacrifice. She frequently writes about monkeys, forensic science, criminal justice, writing and parties….

Andrea Campbell is the author of eight books on a variety of subjects including forensic science, criminal law, and primatology.

Monkey Brains

Written by Andrea Campbell

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Later on, after tests whererepparttar answers were positively reinforced, all three monkeys responded correctly at a level above chance guessing.

Dr. Terrace says, "The results of these experiments provide compelling evidence that number is a meaningful dimension for rhesus monkeys."

It’s not unusual that tests such as these are also compared torepparttar 127720 results of rats and children. In this case,repparttar 127721 researchers pointed out thatrepparttar 127722 monkeys were trained onrepparttar 127723 ordering skills for approximately six months. They also estimated that it took children learning numbers thousands of repetitions to master similar concepts.

The researchers also found several performance similarities between monkeys and people on comparable tasks. To explain, they say that monkeys are more accurate and quicker to order pairs of numbersrepparttar 127724 further apartrepparttar 127725 numbers are, in other words, ordering four and nine is easier than placing four and five for both humans and monkeys.

In my book I tell a story about how Paula, another foster mother for a Helping Hands monkey Emma, has taught her little charge to decipher colors. Paula used colored Easter eggs to help facilitaterepparttar 127726 process. Paula bought a set of big plastic eggs and put a treat inside a particular color, say,repparttar 127727 blue egg. When she asked Emma to show herrepparttar 127728 blue egg, ifrepparttar 127729 monkey was correct in her choice, she was allowed to procurerepparttar 127730 treat inside. Emma learned all ofrepparttar 127731 primary colors in this way and even went on to learn to differentiate between a spoon, knife and fork.

Not too bad for a species we call a "lessor" primate!

Andrea Campbell lives with Ziggy, in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. She isrepparttar 127732 author of BRINGING UP ZIGGY: What Raising A Helping Hands Monkey Taught Me About Love, Commitment, and Sacrifice. Visit her web site at: ###

Andrea Campbell lives in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, in the Ouachita Mountains. Andrea is the author of eight books on a variety of subjects including criminal justice, the law, primatology and entertaining and parties... Her website is located at

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