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Written by Tinu AbayomiPaul

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GoRank.comís Top Ten Comparison

If youíve been banging your head againstrepparttar wall in an attempt to figure out why you havenít hitrepparttar 139488 top ten results in Google, has a page that can give you important clues to help you figure it out. One of my favorites,repparttar 139489 Top Ten comparison report, will scrubrepparttar 139490 raw data ofrepparttar 139491 top ranking results for a given keyword.

In studyingrepparttar 139492 results, you may find it easier to understand where your own optimization efforts are going wrong. Donít forget to stop by Google for your API key at as youíll need it to create your free account.

Search Guildís Keyword Difficulty Checker

This oneís an old favorite of mine. When you find what you may think is an ideal keyword, before you start tweaking your pages, itís a good idea to run it through this tester. Usingrepparttar 139493 Google API, it analyzes whether or not a given phrase will be worth your efforts.

Youíll already have to be well-versed in how to find good keywords to plug intorepparttar 139494 tool, but once you have that nailed, itís pretty reliable in telling you whether itís worth your time to target that phrase. If you use flash on your site, check outrepparttar 139495 flash viewer on their utilities page as well.

Inrepparttar 139496 next article in this series, you can read more about tools specific to Yahoo and Google that will help you track your rankings and study your site.

You can find hundreds of pages of tips and news on traffic generation, search engines, blogs and RSS every day at .

Hello! It Is Opportunity Calling!

Written by Arun Pal Singh

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People do not want opportunities. They want guarantees. Everybody who is told that you can work towards wealth onrepparttar net would want a guarantee. That is people are made to response cheat offers like ĎEarn a million dollar by end of next monthí. They know in their mind it cannot be true. But their irrational hopes takerepparttar 139466 charge and people end up making foolish investment.

People do not have patience. They want instant results. Instant gratification. Even if they are told they would find a fortune by doing something, they wonít haverepparttar 139467 time. They are too busy. They are too busy withrepparttar 139468 trivial thingsrepparttar 139469 life offers them.

Tell a person he will make a lot of money if he worked for 1-2 years by doing something and he will smile leave. He will not be ready to makerepparttar 139470 necessary hard work and input. That always puzzled me. But most of people do not want to rise aboverepparttar 139471 level of their average being that they have become use to.

Because they are quite cozy and comfortable there. They stuff themselves with junk food while they discuss and dream about good bodies. They continue with measures which are sure to keep them poor and are happy imagining about getting rich.

Opportunity visits everybody. Few arerepparttar 139472 eyes who can recognize it. Fewer arerepparttar 139473 minds who agree upon followingrepparttar 139474 path it offers.

So If I knock at your door, hold your hand take you towardsrepparttar 139475 road to fortune would you come.

Would you?

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