Moneynet Warns Consumers May Be Caught Short By ID Theft Protection Products

Written by Rachel Lane

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“While ID protection services may have a degree of value, they shouldn't be used as a reason to take an otherwise uncompetitive product,” warned Brown.

And asrepparttar credit card industry moves over torepparttar 149510 Chip and Pin system, Brown also voiced concerns that card firms will deny fraud claims onrepparttar 149511 basis that card holders have not kept their Pin number secure. 

“Fraud is clearly a growing thorn inrepparttar 149512 side for consumers. It is clearly important that people feel their personal financial details are secure, but they should be aware that, even though they have a protection policy in place, they may still face financial headaches while negotiating with their lender or credit card company to have their losses reimbursed,” said Brown.

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