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Written by Rachel Lane

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Moneynet has been championing greater access to financial product information for consumers since 1997. The company hopes that information which is based on a ‘stage of life’, as well as encompassing technical details about a particular product, will be more accessible to visitors, encouraging them to seekrepparttar best deal for their loan, mortgage, credit card and insurance.

Richard Brown, Chief Executive of Moneynet said ofrepparttar 146476 guides, “since 1997 moneynet has been atrepparttar 146477 forefront ofrepparttar 146478 move to make financial information more accessible torepparttar 146479 consumer. Asrepparttar 146480 first personal finance website inrepparttar 146481 UK to publish inter-active and comprehensive data onrepparttar 146482 UK personal finance market we have always believed thatrepparttar 146483 consumer should be better informed. Our latest guides will add torepparttar 146484 existing library and help to further educate our users, making them better positioned to challengerepparttar 146485 product providers.”

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Contact: Jane Meares, Communications Manager Tel: 020 8313 9030 E-mail: Web: Address: 2nd Floor, Sussex House, 8-10 Homesdale Rd, Bromley, Kent. BR2 9LZ is the UK’s most established personal finance research and data website. The company offers consumers a wide range of low cost financial products: from mortgages and personal loans; to car, home and medical insurance; credit cards; savings accounts and best-buy fixed rate products.

BBC announces online financial health check

Written by Richard Green

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Those organisations withrepparttar best ideas will be given money fromrepparttar 146467 new Pensions Education Fund, which is part of a programme that, according torepparttar 146468 Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), will enable people to make their own decisions about their income in retirement.

The feeling from many, including HBOS,repparttar 146469 UK's largest mortgage and savings provider, is thatrepparttar 146470 financial services industry must help to provide more accurate and effective sources of information to customers. Education at an early age needs to be a key focus of any future plans, withrepparttar 146471 Scotsman recommending that, “incorporating loans and interest rates into maths problems or teaching youngsters how to open a bank account in social education - could go a long way towards ensuring our children are not let loose inrepparttar 146472 world with no financial clue”.

Proposed solutions need to be practically implemented as soon as possible, in order to enablerepparttar 146473 aging population to provide for its own long-term needs and not to end up depending on an increasingly financially clueless younger generation.

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