Money makers are also money savers

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

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Giving enough time. Avoiding rush printing would helprepparttar printing company give peoplerepparttar 147686 result they wanted. People are sometimes used to beating time by cramming their works in short times in order to be on schedule. There are now coordinators ready to advise these customers regardingrepparttar 147687 time needed for their works to done.

Not just mailing it. To assure better deliverance of finished printing materials, these companies are not just mailing it torepparttar 147688 customers, they do it first-class. And to ensure no misplacing of mails, eligible handwriting arerepparttar 147689 ones used for addressing these deliveries.

These are just some cost-saving tips on how best to go about ones printing needs. Because printing companies not only want to giverepparttar 147690 best quality in print jobs, they also understandrepparttar 147691 need forrepparttar 147692 people to save time and saving money inrepparttar 147693 process. Of course, withrepparttar 147694 assurance of givingrepparttar 147695 best possible service and result. These are what they are here for.

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Florie Lyn Masarate got her first article printed in the school newsletter in the third grade. Her hobbies include reading any book she can get her hands on.

7 Benefits of HTML Validation

Written by Herman Drost

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What's wrong with this code?

< p keyword1 sentence, well written copy, etc.

< p > keyword2 paragraph with more choice content.

This code is missing a ">" The issue is not thatrepparttar page will necessarily get skipped altogether but thatrepparttar 147668 "keyword1" sentence looks like part ofrepparttar 147669 tag - like a tag attribute. Sorepparttar 147670 words inrepparttar 147671 "keyword1" sentence probably won't be included inrepparttar 147672 search engines computations, even thoughrepparttar 147673 page itself will be indexed.

Once a spider sees a correct tag further along inrepparttar 147674 page, then it's back on course. So,repparttar 147675 keyword2 paragraph would make it.

3. Faster Loading - if your web page contains html errors it will take a longer time forrepparttar 147676 search engines to spider it, therefore slowingrepparttar 147677 loading time. If your page doesn't load in under 10 seconds your visitors may click away to your competitors' sites.

4. Less load on servers - clean and simple code won't tax your server as much as a site which has complicated code or contain many nested tables. Cascading style sheets (CSS) will greatly reducerepparttar 147678 amount of code within your web pages. This will also cut down onrepparttar 147679 amount of web space and bandwidth used thus saving you money for hosting your site.

5. Easier to update and maintain web site - with no mistakes in your html code it is easier and faster to make changes to your web pages. For web site designers, this means you will save time and money when maintaining clients' sites.

6. Browser compatibility - validated code ensures your site is compatible withrepparttar 147680 current browsers and future browsers. You might say "well, it looks fine in Internet Explorer, so why bother with any other browsers?" Current browsers will continue to update their rules and future browsers will make sure they are html compliant.

7. Access more visitors - if you ensure your web pages appear correctly in allrepparttar 147681 major browsers you will be able to reach a larger audience which then increasesrepparttar 147682 potential of your site to make more sales.

Part 2 of this article will discuss:

What documents to validate The validation process Validation tools Common validation errors

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