Money in the Mail

Written by Darren Hendricks

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1.You can do it part-time.
2.You can generate orders all day, every day.
3.You don't have to do any face-to-face selling.
4.You can work all day in your underwear (except when you go torepparttar mailbox!)
5.Your age, gender, education, and physical mobility are not factors that can stop you from succeeding.
6You can takerepparttar 140733 day off whenever you want; your catalogs are still out there selling!

Of course, there are no guarantees that you'll succeed in Mail Order. But many have, and you can maximize your chances of success by followingrepparttar 140734 FAR HORIZONS program, and emulating what others have successfully done. Overrepparttar 140735 years, some members have made a few hundred extra dollars a month through Mail Order. Some, have literally had sales inrepparttar 140736 millions. Maybe your goal is one of those, or somewhere in-between. It's up to you--- and that'srepparttar 140737 exciting thing aboutrepparttar 140738 wonderful world of Mail Order!

Darren Hendricks has been involved in marketing in one form or another since 1979. He has owned or co-owned 3 successful companies. He is currently owner of Far Horizons Home Based Business Program

How To Get a Telecommuting Job

Written by Amanda Shoemaker

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Writing skills Fluent English (second language a plus) Type at least 50wpm Experienced in prospecting and closing

Confidence onrepparttar phone Self-motivated Friendly Outgoing Respectful Honest Reliable Trustworthy Discrete Mature Energetic Well-spoken

Amanda Shoemaker coaches women who work from home or want to work from home. If you would like more free information on finding telecommuting jobs and/or starting or running a home based business you can visit her website:

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