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Written by John Mausolf

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The power of belief is an amazingly powerful thing my friend! ;-) Unfortunately there are a lot of these sort of items available, including Mirrors, Gourds, Chinese Gods, Lucky Turtle Stacks, Gold Ingots, etc... and all are being sold as Feng Shui accessories, which they are not. Feng Shui in itself has no items to sell. It is based upon time, location, surroundings, andrepparttar individuals withinrepparttar 125456 place concerned, cures are based uponrepparttar 125457 5 transformations, yin & yang, and numerous Water placement principles. Treating your place alchemically, or energetically.

If you must use one of these type of accessories, place it inrepparttar 125458 location where your 8 wealth / water star is according to Xuan Kong Feng Shui method (Flying Stars) in your personal Sheng Chi direction (Ming Gua).

Alternatively, speak torepparttar 125459 elders in your family and seek out your ancestral superstitions!

Allrepparttar 125460 best, John Mausolf Pure Feng Shui Freebies

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7 Ways to Stay Spiritually Balanced

Written by Catherine Franz

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4. Spend more time planning and setting goals. Manifesting what we want still requires action and planning. Spirituality can nestle us so warmly and lovingly itís easy to setrepparttar needed action aside. The level of balance is inrepparttar 125455 amount of flexibility you allow inrepparttar 125456 action plan. Complete each action with total openness of all that is possible for what follows. Ask and allowrepparttar 125457 universe to send easier, faster steps. And be open to see then when they arrive. Ask, trust, and allowrepparttar 125458 universeís infinite wisdom to send yourepparttar 125459 answers. They are usually better than anything we usually arrive at ourselves. The tightrope is to balance trust with flexibility and space for expanded freedom and results.

5. Keep on giving. Spirituality is a gift that needs to flow. It can only continue to do so if people give. There are many ways to give andrepparttar 125460 method you choose will berepparttar 125461 right one.

6. Allow room for real people and relationships. Other people ground us and connect us torepparttar 125462 physical world. Yet, they must still allow us to evolve. People are another form of giving and receiving -- two necessary parts for good ground maintenance.

7. Receiving remuneration is a gift. Accept it as if it came fromrepparttar 125463 universe asking you to continuerepparttar 125464 flow. When we receive, water continues to flow into our cup and allows our mission to continue its evolution. Asking for compensation allows both parties to continuerepparttar 125465 flow. When we shift our perspective and seerepparttar 125466 need for flow, additional funds to appear.

Enjoy spirituality in balance with both feet onrepparttar 125467 ground!

Catherine Franz is a Life and Business Professional Coach with niches in product development, Internet marketing, nonfiction/marketing writing and education. Tips and ezines: blog:

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