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Written by Richard Low

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Stay ethical. Another basic datum. Unethical people and companies tend to fail. The more unethical they are,repparttar harder they fall. You could sum this up simply as "what goes around comes around".

Venture capital is NOT income. It is a liability because it usually has to be paid back. In general, a company should only need venture capital when it is first created. If venture capital is needed to keeprepparttar 117873 company afloat after a reasonable startup period, then this is a bad sign. If venture capital is required on a regular basis to payrepparttar 117874 payroll, then this is a very bad sign. Use income from stock sales wisely. Getting an infusion of cash from selling stock can be a great windfall for a company. BUT this is also not income - it is a windfall profit. Use it wisely.

Determine true income. You need to figure income onrepparttar 117875 amount of money you are making from selling your product or service. Money obtained from your credit card does not count as income.

Income must exceed total expenses. Seems pretty basic.

Large amounts of debt is bad for business. Generally,repparttar 117876 higher your debt,repparttar 117877 less freedom you have to run your company. At some point, you become a slave to your creditors.

Excellent leaders often make poor managers. Remember to keep these two positions separate. The skills required to be a leader have nothing to do withrepparttar 117878 skills required to be a good manager.

What'srepparttar 117879 bottom line? Making money onrepparttar 117880 internet isrepparttar 117881 same as making money anywhere else. Just because it isrepparttar 117882 internet does not mean there are special rules orrepparttar 117883 law has been suspended. Also, just because everyone else has gone insane and are doing incredibly stupid things (the majority ofrepparttar 117884 dot com's come to mind) does not mean you need to jump in and joinrepparttar 117885 stampede.

The internet is a set of tools which you can use to sell products and services. Used properly, they can magnify your efforts to incredible heights. Remember, be smart, be ethical and, fundamentally, inflow must exceed outflow.

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Understanding Key Terms

Written by Todd W. Winslow

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CTR - Click Through Ratio:

Used primarily in affiliate programs and advertising, this isrepparttar ratio betweenrepparttar 117872 total impressions of a banner or link andrepparttar 117873 number of times a site visitor actually clicks on (or executes),repparttar 117874 banner or link. For example, if a banner/link had 10,000 impressions in a month, butrepparttar 117875 advertiser's banner/link was only actually clicked 2,000 times during that same period,repparttar 117876 CTR would be 20%.

CPC - Cost Per Click:

This representsrepparttar 117877 amount of money (or other consideration), an advertiser would pay torepparttar 117878 site owner each time their banner or link was clicked by a site visitor.

CPI - Cost Per Impression:

This representsrepparttar 117879 amount of money (or other consideration), an advertiser would pay torepparttar 117880 site owner each time their banner or link was viewed by a site visitor.

CPM - Cost Per Thousand:

This isrepparttar 117881 amount an advertiser would pay a site owner for every thousand units. I'm usingrepparttar 117882 term UNITS to represent whateverrepparttar 117883 site owner and advertiser agreed to base payments on - per click, per impression, per subscriber (in e-zine advertising), etc. For example, if you were being paid $.20 cents for each click through, and in a month your site generated 10,000 click throughs for a specific advertiser, you would be paid $2,000.

There are many more terms you should become familiar with, but these arerepparttar 117884 most commonly used terms with regard to web site traffic, affiliate programs, and web site and/or e-zine advertising.

Todd W. Winslow is the co-owner of TADD Marketing Group, L.L.C. He is also the founder of TADD Publishing Group which publishes a variety of e-mail newsletters, and is co-creator of The Mystic Beagle - a romance and relationship advice web site

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