Money Making Schemes: Multi-Level Marketing

Written by Richard Lowe

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Oncerepparttar pyramid, uh excuse me, referral matrix has enough people signed uprepparttar 122611 program usually gains popularity fast. Some ofrepparttar 122612 people nearrepparttar 122613 top actually make some real cash, butrepparttar 122614 rest just work their butts off for little gain. Sadly, in most casesrepparttar 122615 program collapses suddenly and without warning - they are either shut down byrepparttar 122616 authorities for various crimes or, more often, they just collapse because they cannot sign up new people faster thanrepparttar 122617 old ones are leaving.

That'srepparttar 122618 secret to successful MLM - you have to sign up new suckers, oh excuse me, members faster thanrepparttar 122619 old ones leave or become inactive. If you can get enough new members working for you, then you have a chance of making some money. Of course, you have to sacrifice your ethics and morals and toss outrepparttar 122620 window any chance of going to heaven (or whatever you believe in), and needless to say you'd make more money for less work at a real job, but you could make some money.

Herbalife isrepparttar 122621 one MLM program that I can think of that has actually survived. I'm not sure why this program is still around where virtually every other one has failed. Perhaps it has gained almost cult status in our society, or perhaps it's becauserepparttar 122622 people involved have become fanatics or perhaps for some reason it has just been able to continue to grow ...

Personally, I would much prefer to sell something that people can actually use - in other words, a product or service of some kind. Something that gives people some value besides being in a program. Generally something tangible. Also, I like charging a fair and reasonable price without a hundred different markups going to lord knows where.

So in good conscience, I can no longer recommend any ofrepparttar 122623 MLM programs onrepparttar 122624 internet.

Now, I must include a word of caution with these warnings. This article does not refer to affiliate programs which allow you to get a referral fee or commission for signing up other people. These kinds of programs are fine - as long asrepparttar 122625 primary focus is selling products or services and notrepparttar 122626 program itself. That'srepparttar 122627 fact that makes MLM so easy-to-spot and so vulnerable to self-destruction -repparttar 122628 primary focus ofrepparttar 122629 program is sellingrepparttar 122630 program. And when you get right down to it, a program is worthless ifrepparttar 122631 only thing of value isrepparttar 122632 program itself.

The only thing MLM programs are good for is a good laugh. Once you understand how silly and insanely stupid they all are, you just have to throw your head back and laugh.

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Super Sponsor vs. Smart Sponsor

Written by Tracy Austin

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So what ARE your options?

Decide today that you are going to learn what it takes to become a Smart Sponsor. Commit to yourself now that you will becomerepparttar kind of sponsor you wish you had.

Once you do, you can write your own ticket.

And if you're still looking forrepparttar 122610 right opportunity, Whenrepparttar 122611 next Super Sponsor comes along with promises of "easy wealth onrepparttar 122612 Internet by joining her team", take it with a grain of salt.

Ask her to why she is well suited to be your sponsor, and how many people she works with personally?

Most ofrepparttar 122613 time,repparttar 122614 Super Sponsors are just gathering people to fill in a downline, and you will never get a chance to work with them at all.

And don't let Super Sponsor convince you that you can be like her. It has taken you a lifetime to become "you" and if you can't be yourself in your own business, what isrepparttar 122615 point?

It would just be an agonizing and stressful experience.

Starting your own business is a serious decision, but once you know what you want, building it your way isrepparttar 122616 only way to make it fun and exciting! Decide today that if a business can't be builtrepparttar 122617 way YOU want to build it, then you'll pass.

So, if you want to be able to work, say from home 100%, never attend a meeting, never have to send bulk email, working exclusively online, with no selling or hype, then do NOT stop looking until you find THAT opportunity!

It's out there. And when you find it, you'll know it. No one will need to hype you or sell you on it. THEN you'll find it hard to sleep at night.

It's worth looking for. It will take some work. Andrepparttar 122618 payoff CAN be enormous - just likerepparttar 122619 Super Sponsors claim - but with one big difference.

You don't have to deal withrepparttar 122620 agony of attempting to become someone you're not.

So don't stop looking until you findrepparttar 122621 right business and a Smart Sponsor. Someone who has a real home/Internet business with a proven system in place for you to follow, with their guidance. It's worth it!

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