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Written by Stephen Cope

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There is no code to update no special offers to promote, you just keep writing web pages and includerepparttar Google code. You don't need to monitor multiple affiliate programs and cash lots of small checks. You just get a single check from Google.

Not only does PPC advertising generate revenue forrepparttar 145720 website owner it also provides valuable resources forrepparttar 145721 website visitor, asrepparttar 145722 adverts are target adverts that relate torepparttar 145723 web page content ( so called contextual ads).

So if you haven't already started with PPC adverts then your letting money slip through your fingers and denying your visitors access to related resources.

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Hey, Stop Stealing My Affiliate Commissions!

Written by Anik Singal

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Who paysrepparttar price? You and I.

What is being done to stop it?

In all honesty, not much. It is not because no one cares, but more becauserepparttar 145719 more we try to stop it,repparttar 145720 more technical these companies get. As always, human eyes are being required to track down and stop these companies.

Affiliate managers and companies are becoming far more active in monitoring their affiliates to catch spyware. Affiliates are also becoming a bit more vigilant in reporting these companies (although not near enough).

There has been a moving trend towards software products that block these spyware agents. Consumers are slowly becoming more aggressive in trying to stop their computers from being invaded (they are tired of pop-ups).

How you can help inrepparttar 145721 fight against spyware?

The biggest area we need to work on is by applying pressure to affiliate networks like LinkShare and Commission Junction to be far more active. Although these companies have strictly stated that they will immediately shut down spyware companies, more and more cases always seem to slip through.

You cannot really blame them, sincerepparttar 145722 more affiliate sales,repparttar 145723 more money they make. But, if enough genuine affiliates apply pressure, these companies will be forced to be even stricter.

Do not get me wrong, they ARE starting to become a lot more active.

In all honesty,repparttar 145724 next thing you can do, short of designing a break-through program to stop this problem, is to be more careful and report more actively. Any time you see an uninvited pop-up on your computer that has an affiliate ID inrepparttar 145725 link you can be 98% sure that it is spyware.

Takerepparttar 145726 time to report it!

Other than that, for now, being educated about spyware is enough spreadrepparttar 145727 word and make sure more affiliates know.

This article has been authored by Anik Singal, an extremely successful and young internet entrepreneur and affiliate marketing consultant. If you like to receive his coaching for FREE, visit the following link:

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