Monaco Yachts

Written by Laura Ciocan

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Some of world's famous yachts rest inrepparttar waters ofrepparttar 116140 bay. Some of them are so big that they have helicopters on their top decks. Among worlds' 100 largest yachts are:

* Octopus - owned by Paul Allen,repparttar 116141 Microsoft cofounder; * Tatoosh - owned also by Paul Allen; * Atlantis II - owned byrepparttar 116142 Niarchos family, descendants of Onassis’ rival Stavros; * Le Grand Bleu - owned byrepparttar 116143 Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich; * Delphine - owned byrepparttar 116144 American car magnate Horace Dodge; * Montkaj - owned by Prince Mohammed bin Fahd, son of Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd.

Following its policy of capitalisation of all (though scarce) natural resource,repparttar 116145 Principality quickly became aware ofrepparttar 116146 potential ofrepparttar 116147 Hercules Bay and started a yachting tradition. There is a Yacht Club founded in 1953 by Prince Rainier and it was all along supported by himself and his son Albert, who is also its President. The Yacht Club de Monaco gained international fame attracting worlds' greatest names in sailing to came and do battle onrepparttar 116148 Monegasque waters.

Naturally, there are also prestigious yachting events of international interest, excellent opportunities for yacht owners all overrepparttar 116149 world to show off. There is Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse, Challenge Inter-Banques, Monaco Classic Week, Fête de la Mer, Régates Corporatives, Monaco Yacht Show. The events are organised withrepparttar 116150 support of H.S.H. Prince Albert I and of H.S.H. Prince Rainier III. All of these events have display and competitions parts, except for Monaco Yacht Show which isrepparttar 116151 greatest in-water yacht exhibition in Europe, without competitions show.

So, rich or less rich, you can enjoy for free at least a great show if you happen to be in Monaco atrepparttar 116152 right time. Welcome aboard!

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Feng shui decorating guidelines

Written by Jakob Jelling

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For example,repparttar position we place a bed can have main importance according to feng shui decorating tips. A bed should be placed in a position that allowsrepparttar 116139 person to easily look atrepparttar 116140 door, but atrepparttar 116141 same time it should not be facing it directly and it should be against a wall. Even if this leads to an option which you wouldn’t have thought of for you to place your bed, you should do so in order to be able to sleep well and comfortable.

Feng shui does not see decoration withrepparttar 116142 same eyes a merely esthetically based decoration does. Feng shui decorating guidelines are meant to help people make their spaces as much harmonic and positive for their inhabitants as possible, even if esthetics have to be sacrificed for it.

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