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With that,repparttar angel vanished.

In stunned exaltation, Muhammad went and told Khadija what had happened. She embraced him and unequivocally expressed her faith in his vision and his mission, saying, 'Rejoice, dear husband. He who holds in His handsrepparttar 146605 life of Khadija is my witness that thou wilt berepparttar 146606 messenger of His people.'

But Muhammad could not accept his own vision. How could he, an ordinary man so far from perfection, be such a messenger? He feared that he might be deluded or perhaps insane. Days passed. He waited for another sign, for further confirmation so that he might believe in himself and know how to proceed. But no sign came.

At last, he returned torepparttar 146607 cave on Mount Hira, seekingrepparttar 146608 angel Gabriel. He waited and prayed, but to no avail. In despair, haunted by terrible doubts and assailed by fears of madness, Muhammad climbed onto a precipice and prepared to leap to his death. At that very moment,repparttar 146609 angel appeared before him again and, raising his hands, repeated, 'I am Gabriel, and thou art Muhammad,repparttar 146610 Messenger of Allah.' Muhammad froze onrepparttar 146611 edge ofrepparttar 146612 chasm in a spellbound trance. Hours passed. That night one of Khadija's servants came and found Muhammad still perched on a crag, lost in ecstasy, and led him home.

After that event, Muhammad began to quietly spreadrepparttar 146613 revelation of his new faith among only a few close friends and family members. But in this tightly knit culture, word spread quickly. Before long, his persecution began--gossip, brutal beatings, plots against him, and attempts against his life. Over time, his honesty and virtue,repparttar 146614 words of scripture revealed through him, andrepparttar 146615 mysterious workings of fate brought aboutrepparttar 146616 conversions of several of Mecca's greatest warriors. All this greatly strengthenedrepparttar 146617 fledgling faith of Islam and drove fear intorepparttar 146618 hearts of its enemies.

People demanded that he perform miracles as proof of his divine mission. Muhammad answered that he had not come to perform miracles; he had come to preachrepparttar 146619 word of Allah. Challenged to move a mountain, he gazed toward it but it did not budge, so he spokerepparttar 146620 now-famous words demonstrating his wisdom, humor, and humility: 'Ifrepparttar 146621 mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad will go torepparttar 146622 mountain.'

From beginning to end, Muhammad acknowledged himself as an ordinary man, full of faults and limitations--a man chosen by God, for reasons he did not understand, to deliver a new revelation of Islam, which means 'submission to God.' Islam required faith in God, charity, purity, and a life free of idols, lived withrepparttar 146623 courage of a warrior in battle, with prayer as a cleansing immersion in His spirit.

The citizens of Mecca were roused to fury by Muhammad's attack on their cherished idols--and by his declaration that there was but one God, named Allah, and that he, Muhammad, was His prophet. Forced to flee acrossrepparttar 146624 desert torepparttar 146625 city of Medina, he began his mission anew, once again a lonely prophet with a handful of followers in a city of unbelievers.

Over time,repparttar 146626 angel Gabriel revealed scripture to Muhammad, which he recited aloud and which Khadija and others wrote down. This scripture became known asrepparttar 146627 Holy Koran (Quran). The Koran was Muhammad's defining miracle--the writing of this masterpiece of poetic religious scripture by a simple, semiliterate man might in itself have earned him fame as a prophet. But this feat was only one chapter inrepparttar 146628 life of Muhammad.

Persecuted as a heretic for nearly two decades byrepparttar 146629 people of Mecca {How was Khadija still alive if he spent almost two decades there? The math doesn't work, but perhapsrepparttar 146630 semiliterate don't worry.}, including many of his own relatives and former friends,repparttar 146631 once young Bedouin became in old age a fearless military general. More than once, Mecca's army laid siege, seeking to destroy Medina, where Muhammad and his followers lived--their war would not end until Muhammad or Mecca fell. Inrepparttar 146632 final battle, while outnumbered three to one, but filled withrepparttar 146633 power of Allah, Muhammad and his followers descended like a storm uponrepparttar 146634 Meccan army and destroyed it. This battle turnedrepparttar 146635 tide.” (1)

The people who ridiculerepparttar 146636 legends of Indians and natives aren't funny and it isn't right for me to do it either. Still it seems a poor role model to win followers byrepparttar 146637 sword of Allah or Yahweh (Yahu) or Shiva. We are all payingrepparttar 146638 price these story-tellers have wrought sincerepparttar 146639 day of Caliph Omar and Constantine who tookrepparttar 146640 fledgling new beliefs and built empires under their spell of ignorance. Omar said there was no need to read anything other thanrepparttar 146641 Koran as he commanded one ofrepparttar 146642 raids to destroyrepparttar 146643 great library at Alexandria that housed all knowledge; we need to really know about our roots. Islam has much good and is less intolerant than other Ur Story based religions. The Caliphate still has its stranglehold onrepparttar 146644 souls of people. It does not want people to have knowledge – so it encourages reading old books with limited meaning, as I see it.

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Scary Statistics

Written by Dene McGriff

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It costs Christians 700 times more money to baptize converts in rich countries (eg. Switzerland) than in poor countries (e.g. Nepal).

Percent of Christian resources in countries that are already more than 60% Christian - 99.9%. Percent spent in countries where less than halfrepparttar people have EVER heard of Jesus - 0.01%.

It is estimated that Christians worldwide spend around $8 BILLION dollars PER YEAR going torepparttar 146370 more than 500 conferences to TALK about missions. That's more than TWICErepparttar 146371 total spent DOING missions.

Everywhere on Earth can now easily be targeted with at least 3 ofrepparttar 146372 45 varieties of effective evangelism.

818 unevangelized ethno-linguistic peoples have never been targeted by any Christian agencies ever.

Out of 648 million Great Commission Christians, 70% have never been told aboutrepparttar 146373 world's 1.6 billion unevangelized individuals.

The 3 least cost-effective countries over 1 million in population for Christian outreach are: Japan, Switzerland, Denmark.

The 3 most cost-effective countries over 1 million in population for Christian outreach are: Mozambique, Ethiopia, Tanzania.

Denominations ofrepparttar 146374 Church:

Currently there are over 33,000 Christian denominations inrepparttar 146375 United States.

A huge new Christian non-confessional mega bloc,repparttar 146376 Independents or Post-denominationalists,is growing rapidly and numbers 19% of all Christians. These 386 million Independents in 220 countries have no interest in and no use for historic denominationalist Christianity.

From less than one million in AD 1900, Pentecostals/ Charismatics/Neocharismatics have mushroomed to 524 million affiliated (-with unaffiliated believers, 602 million).

Growth ofrepparttar 146377 Church:

The country withrepparttar 146378 fastest Christian expansion ever is China, now at 10,000 new converts every day.

Persecution ofrepparttar 146379 Church:

More than 70% of all Christians now live in countries where they are experiencing persecution. In some cases EXTREME persecution.

Global Population Issues:

124 million new souls begin life on Earth each year, but Christianity’s 4,000 foreign mission agencies baptize only 4 million new persons a year.

Unreached Peoples

Out of 648 million Great Commission Christians, 70% have never been told about world’s 1.6 billion unevangelized individuals.

Despite Christ’s command to evangelizerepparttar 146380 world, 67% of all humans from AD 30 torepparttar 146381 present have never even heard of his name.


Overrepparttar 146382 last 20 centuries, and in all 238 countries, more than 70 million Christians have been martyred - killed, executed, murdered - for Christ.

More Christians have been martyred inrepparttar 146383 last 100 years than all other years since AD 30 combined.

Had Enough Yet? It gets worse. We're stuffingrepparttar 146384 Fattest and starvingrepparttar 146385 Hungriest!

This is meant to be just a plain, direct reporting of how miserably, horribly, devastatingly badly we -repparttar 146386 Christians inrepparttar 146387 West - have mismanagedrepparttar 146388 massive gifts which God has entrusted to us.

-Doug Perry. [Visit his website- ]

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