Modular Homes...Here are the Advantages

Written by Nancy Storrs, Custom Modular Homes, LLC - Wisconsin

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Reduced Moisture – Less Mold or Mildew... Because modular homes are built in a climate-controlled environment, there is less moisture, no rain or weather to delay construction, and less dampness. Mold and mildew have little opportunity to grow in your new home. For sensitive families, this is means you’ll have a healthier, more allergy resistant home.

Durability – Built To Travel... Modular Homes are generally transported several hundred miles fromrepparttar factory torepparttar 125477 final construction site. With that in mind,repparttar 125478 Modular Home manufacturer designs durability into every home during construction, to insure thatrepparttar 125479 house can withstandrepparttar 125480 rigors of transportation. That includes use of not just one, but typically two rim joists, engineered flooring systems, sub floors that are glued and nailed, tongue and groove sub floors for more stable floors, exterior sheathing is glued and nailed, thicker 5/8” gypsum wall board is used on all ceilings, interior walls are 16” on center (not 24” on center like others), top and bottom plates of exterior walls and studs are 2x6 lumber. Additional sreaps and bracing are used during transport to further insure a high quality product is delivered torepparttar 125481 construction site. The home is sturdier, stronger and more durable than a comparable “stick built” home.

Economy – Less Waste Of Materials... Drive past any construction site, and you’ll see a dumpster filled to overflowing with scraps of wallboard, lumber, siding and roofing materials. The homeowner pays for those items – and they are all thrown away. With modular homes, there is less material waste, becauserepparttar 125482 lumber that is cut off duringrepparttar 125483 construction of one house, can be used duringrepparttar 125484 construction ofrepparttar 125485 next house coming downrepparttar 125486 production line. That results in savings to you,repparttar 125487 homeowner.

Nancy Storrs is owner of Custom Modular Homes, LLC in Wisconsin. Home design, site management and real estate are part of her background. Custom Modular Homes offers homes that are beautiful, affordable, and meet niche markets, including elder care housing, and ADA compliance, as well as universal design.

Bananas: All That Potassium and Carmen Miranda Too!

Written by Marjorie Dorfman

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There are about four hundred different varieties of this fabulous fruit, but don’t tell Carmen Miranda. (Apart fromrepparttar fact that she is dead and you couldn’t possibly, there is no wayrepparttar 125476 woman could fit one more piece of anything on top of one of her hats!) The three chief imported brands are Chiquita, Bonita and Fyffes. The Chiquita (according to her whom I trust implicitly) is always a guarantee of quality. Its production sites are located in Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica and Columbia. The Bonita banana hails from Ecuador and isrepparttar 125477 cheapest ofrepparttar 125478 three, but only because it is never advertised. Fyffe’s founded in 1888, hasrepparttar 125479 distinction of beingrepparttar 125480 oldest fruit brand inrepparttar 125481 world. These bananas are produced in Belize, Columbia, Honduras, Suriname, Jamaica and The Windward Islands.

Harvesting is a race against time that starts whilerepparttar 125482 banana is still green. From harvest to delivery atrepparttar 125483 supermarket twenty days remain before spoilage occurs. Transportation is done with specialized refrigerated cargo ships, each containing some 250,000 boxes of bananas collectedrepparttar 125484 day before. The bananas are stocked in "ripening rooms" for six to eight days at a temperature that can not exceed 14.5C. This temperature allows a homogenous ripening ofrepparttar 125485 bananas of different sizes.

The color of a banana’s skin indicates its degree of ripeness, but here is a more precise guide. Green bananas are not ripe, but can be safely used in soups and stews. Yellow with green tips indicatesrepparttar 125486 fruit is partially ripe and it can be broiled, baked or fried. All yellow bananas are ripe and are best eaten raw or baked into cakes or pies. Yellow bananas with brown freckles are fully ripe and can be eaten raw, in a salad or in any other dishes calling for uncooked fruit. All brown bananas are over ripe, but ifrepparttar 125487 flesh is firm they are still in prime eating condition. Blackened areas indicate bruised fruit and should be avoided.

Bananas can be utilized in hundreds of dishes prepared in as many ways. Roasted, fried, broiled, par boiled, baked, sautéed or eaten raw,repparttar 125488 results are always delicious. They wear many hats, so to speak, and can serve as relishes, stuffing for goose, duck, turkey or chicken, sauces, spreads, jellies, jams, candies, cake and pie filling, flour for breads and fresh fruit in salads. There is little that one cannot do with a banana ( except maybe pay a utility bill.) I am sure that Carmen Miranda loved bananas in every way, but dying as she did at such an early age, I wonder if she didn’t put more of them on her hats than she ever ate. Chiquita could have told herrepparttar 125489 truth, but would she have listened? Somehow I tend to doubt that those two would have ever gotten along!

Bio Marjorie Dorman is a freelance writer originally from Brooklyn, New York. She now lives in Doylestown, PA with four cats. She is the author of an ebook called A Taste of Funny and her website, Eat, Drink And Really Be Merry (http://www.ingestandimbibe) features many well researched and humorous articles on the subject of food and drink.

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