Mobile Phone Evolution

Written by Carl Harper

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Your communication device will be your mobile TV, Video, Camera, Camcorder, Internet, emailer, Route Finder, Games console, Radio, Address book, Record collection... The list is endless and that is only on current technology.

Oh and I forgot, you will be able to make and receive telephone calls on it.

Carl Harper is the author and freelance writer of a number of articles and tips on Mobile Phones. He is also the webmaster of the Mobile Phone Portal

eProcurement and Translation

Written by Gavin Wheeldon

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There is however, still a problem when trying to add your translation supplier to eProcurement systems. This comes down to two reasons:

•Translation purchases still need to go through a quotation stage in most instances. This is due torepparttar fact there are so many variables that can changerepparttar 133505 price including such things as graphics with files. •Most agencies will use translation memory tools, which mean thatrepparttar 133506 same document can be differently priced dependent upon when you getrepparttar 133507 quote. This works by storing translated units in a database and when this same unit is encountered again it is priced lower.

These problems make it almost impossible to purchase translation in a single punch out session.

How to eProcure Translation

Translation can be procured throughrepparttar 133508 system with a slight adaptation ofrepparttar 133509 normal punch out process. This is done by providing a standard link torepparttar 133510 agencies secure server where a quotation can be requested and documents submitted. The quote is then emailed torepparttar 133511 requisitioner with a link to return torepparttar 133512 secure site viarepparttar 133513 eProcurement system. This will then start a punch out session andrepparttar 133514 quote can be added to a shopping basket inrepparttar 133515 normal way.

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Aboutrepparttar 133516 company

Applied Language Solutions provide translation solutions for business of all size and have a range of solutions to meet all needs.

ALS Translation<

Having worked in the technology industry including eProcurement and CMS systems, Gavin has in the past three t=years been working in the translation industry to bring technology and language together.

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