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Just what makes a man take his family and children to a troubled country, visit terrorist training camps and then end up getting embroiled in a war,repparttar end result of which he finds himself in prison for three years? Moazzam Begg has to a great extent controlled his own destiny. Whilst claiming to be as British as you and I he has clearly set his loyalties in his religion rather than his country. You and I, andrepparttar 125866 majority of British Asians would not have rushed off to Pakistan on a mission.

Moazzam Begg might have received more sympathy if he had not charged Channel 4 to be interviewed. Considering that this isrepparttar 125867 same man that wanted to be left alone to recover from psychological trauma he did come across as very calculating and calm in his narrative. Many reasons for his actions seem to have been intentionally omitted. If Begg had intended to seek sympathy and understanding for his actions then this clearly failed. His explanation raises more questions than answers.

If what Moazzam Begg has confirmed about torture and ill treatment of prisoners is correct, thenrepparttar 125868 USA has a huge moral obligation to put its house in order and clarifyrepparttar 125869 position with regard to prisoners held in no mans land in Cuba. International law dictates that people deserve better than this whatever their crime. The dayrepparttar 125870 world accepts intimidation and imprisonment without justice asrepparttar 125871 norm, is a day we must all strive to make sure will not happen internationally. The US government needs to address this issue in order to re establish its credibility and long standing tradition of freedom and justice for all.

Moazzam Begg was released byrepparttar 125872 Americans underrepparttar 125873 guarantee that he would be monitored by UK authorities and his right to travel outsiderepparttar 125874 UK would be withdrawn.

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By launchingrepparttar new euro in 1999,repparttar 125865 EU challengedrepparttar 125866 US in an indirect manner by offeringrepparttar 125867 world an alternative currency to do business in. Although a rapid transition from dollars to euro would be a disaster for virtually every economy inrepparttar 125868 world, and not evenrepparttar 125869 Europeans would desire such a sudden change, a gradual transition was possible, and perfectly feasible, inrepparttar 125870 long run.

Taking into considerationrepparttar 125871 possible consequences ofrepparttar 125872 EU's euro challenge forrepparttar 125873 future ofrepparttar 125874 US, it would be too naive to assume thatrepparttar 125875 economic rivalary betweenrepparttar 125876 dollar andrepparttar 125877 euro would take place without any friction or conflict of interests. The influencial players that have a tremendous effect onrepparttar 125878 outcome of this economic game of chess arerepparttar 125879 oil and natural gas exporting countries. As early as November 2000, Iraq becamerepparttar 125880 first oil producing country to switch from dollars to euro, and hence, also becamerepparttar 125881 first to experiencerepparttar 125882 wrath ofrepparttar 125883 US military might. Analysts all overrepparttar 125884 world recognized that such a disobediance to American hegemony would be severly punished. It would be illogical to assume thatrepparttar 125885 US would simply tolerate Saddam’s decision and would riskrepparttar 125886 possibility of an economic disaster. Allowing Iraq to switch from dolars to euros would send a clear message torepparttar 125887 other oil producing economies and that would create a domino effect.

It is certainly not a coincidence thatrepparttar 125888 Russian leader Vladimir Putin has annoucedrepparttar 125889 "possibility" of selling Russian oil for euros, while Iran has been actively working onrepparttar 125890 establishment of a new trading market in France forrepparttar 125891 OPEC and Middle Eastern producers, which could potentially endrepparttar 125892 dominance that London’s International Petroleum Exchange and New York’s NYMEX currently enjoy.

Asrepparttar 125893 dollar is no longer a stable currency with its more reliable alternative in euro, one can easily see whyrepparttar 125894 “War On Terror” is nothing but a catchy phrase designed to foolrepparttar 125895 public. The world is onrepparttar 125896 verge of adopting a new, and perhaps healthier financial structure, and needs to decide howrepparttar 125897 transition fromrepparttar 125898 old order torepparttar 125899 new one will take place. Regardless of what we are being fed byrepparttar 125900 mainstream media, there is a rather different reality underrepparttar 125901 appearances, and what is happening inrepparttar 125902 world today has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism or jihad.

Don’t believerepparttar 125903 hype!

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