Missing Profits By 12 Inches

Written by Robert Holladay

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You've got to believe that you WILL succeed. That nothing can stop YOU except YOU. I don't know what it is exactly but there is just an attitude that true leaders have, that ATTRACTS people to them. I guess it's that true leaders have a sense of direction. They know where they are going and also because they see themselves SUCCESSFUL onrepparttar inside. Deep down in their heart they know they WILL NOT FAIL !!

Those that most likely won't succeed are those that complain, gripe and see themselves asrepparttar 117880 underdog . They haverepparttar 117881 attitude that everyone is out to get them and that they are always going to be on bottom while watching others rise torepparttar 117882 top !! It's because of this attitude in their heart that they MISS PROFITS BY 12 INCHES.

You must realize, that you can have mental knowledge of what to do. You can have allrepparttar 117883 right tools, websites, etc.... but until it gets from your HEAD to your HEART....which is about 12 inches, you will always be a FOOT away from profit.

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Beating The Business Blues

Written by Terri Seymour

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5. Just relax! Turn everything off, make yourself a cup of coffee, cocoa, or just plain water. Just sit in complete silence and watchrepparttar birds outside or put a cool cloth over your eyes. Let your mind go blank for awhile. Forget everything and just relax!

6. Exercise your mind! Show your mind that there is more than justrepparttar 117879 computer. Do a crossword puzzle, play a few games of solitaire, or read a book. These are all great ways of getting your mind of business and clearing out allrepparttar 117880 old to make way forrepparttar 117881 new.

7. Do some housework! This might not berepparttar 117882 most fun thing to do, but it helps take your mind of business for awhile and believe me, after about an hour of housework, you will be more than ready to get back to business!

8. Take a TV break! Watch a program that allows you to escape to another world. After you are finished you just might be glad to get back to your world!

If you would like to find out more about beatingrepparttar 117883 blues, you can visit these sites: http://www.uhs.berkeley.edu/FacStaff/Ergonomics/stretch.html http://www.divorcekit.com/blues.htm http://www.smile-publishing.com ips.html http://www.lifetimetv.com/shows/strongmedicine/chatroom/1210/1210.html

I hope some of these pointers will help you relax and get back to business. I know that they have been a great help to me more than once. Sometimes when you are feeling unproductive or just plain tired,repparttar 117884 idea is not to work harder, but to stop working and give your mind and/or body a well-deserved break!

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