Missing Any Markets Lately? (Or How to Quickly and Easily Increase the Size of Your Market.)

Written by Chris Marlow

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Another market that may be somewhat invisible to American e-marketers is not a group per se, but an entire country: Canada.

Inrepparttar Letters torepparttar 108115 Editor section of Business 2.0, a Canadian IT professional complained that he is forever responding to U.S. ads that push him to their Web sites. Yet when he goes there and attempts to register,repparttar 108116 site requires his “state” and “zip code.” Not good — especially when you consider that per capita, Canada has a history of having more people online thanrepparttar 108117 United States!

So whatever your product or service, think for a moment whether you’re pulling inrepparttar 108118 disabled, or pushing them away. And a few tweaks to your Web site might just increase leads and sales from our fine neighbors torepparttar 108119 North.

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Are You Asking the Right Questions in Your Copy?

Written by Karon Thackston

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Those high in Influence are generally found inrepparttar sales field or other fields that require a lot of people/social interaction. They move fast and want to focus on people-oriented tasks. They love to give their opinions and to be asked for their thoughts on a matter. They love to berepparttar 108114 center of attention.

This group responds well to “feeling” questions. Not just about themselves, but also about others. For example: “Rememberrepparttar 108115 excitement you felt when _____?” or “How would your child feel if _____?”

S = Steadiness

Those inrepparttar 108116 Steadiness group want to be seen as people - not a number. They appreciate logic, a touch of personal interaction, and they are detail-oriented. They are generally slow decision-makers and are not wild about taking unqualified risks. Those who fall intorepparttar 108117 Steadiness category make up 40% ofrepparttar 108118 general population and come from all walks of life.

People high in steadiness would be likely to respond better to questions beginning with “how.” Possibilities include “How many times have you wished ____?” or “How often do you ____?” They also respond well to questions that make them think, like “Is your copy getting results?” They’ll likely want to know what you can do about it ifrepparttar 108119 answer is “no.”

C = Compliance

When describing someone who falls intorepparttar 108120 Compliance category, these phrases come to mind: critical thinker, prepared, quality-oriented, incredibly detailed, specific, and slow decision-maker. You’ll generally find these types working as engineers, bankers, accountants, scientists, andrepparttar 108121 like.

Those high in Compliance will respond best to questions including statistics and questions that force them to look at all sides of an issue/problem. For example, “68% of All Drivers Pay Too Much for Auto Insurance. Are You?” Another idea is “Widget or Thingee… Which Makesrepparttar 108122 Most Sense?”

Phrasing your questions in a way that allows your target customers to relate only makes sense. When you hit a nerve - people will respond. Askingrepparttar 108123 right questions… inrepparttar 108124 right way… within your copy will get you one step closer to closingrepparttar 108125 sale.

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