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Written by Andrew Hayes

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Community Branding Tip For Your MLM Business

Written by Michael Lemm

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Just DON'T make it look like a big marketing gimic. The public will see right through it. Instead create an identity & branding within your community. This establishes a sense of acceptance and curiosity you can build upon by following up with contacts made during these events.

You might even makerepparttar local news as a community interest story. Nice publicity.

We have a couple groups who apply this concept very well in our annual American Cancer Society Relay For Life events. You could too.

Remember to adhere to any "rules" ofrepparttar 122450 specific event sponsor (if an event) and your particular company.

Basically....just be seen & have fun.

Makes a good team building excercise too.

Michael is Moderator for MLMForums.com and the owner of FreedomFire Communications http://ld.net/mscprez . You can get more MLM tips, wit, and wisdom from Michael at http://Best-MLM-Resources.blogspot.com

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