Missed Once, Twice, Thrice Got It!

Written by Susan James

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Then It came. No More. I could not take it. I knew there was more, I just did not know what it was. I quit reading all ofrepparttar Business & Marketing stuff that I used to love & absorb like a sponge, it was my hobby reading all of that great stuff.

Instead, I chose to find out how stuff really works, and not how we are *taught* it works. And this now 3rd time, I am working totally for myself. I have a very profitable E-Media Business that is fun and full of money andrepparttar 102066 momentum increases daily.

My Moral to this story: Forgetrepparttar 102067 *they* people and what you've been *taught*. *Swing forrepparttar 102068 Fences*, and then just watch what happens to your life ! (sj)

Susan James, writes of *User Friendly Physics* to design our lives by; from Dreams Come True to Weight Loss: Visit Susan's website for more details! http://members.wordthunder.com/manifesting101.html *Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires* (ebook) (by Susan James) Sample *The Branches* : Send Blank Email To: manifestmillionaire@getresponse.com http://www.booklocker.com/bookpages/susanjames03.html

Voice Mail Etiquette

Written by Richard Lowe

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Tell me what you want - I'm highly unlikely to call you back if you call out ofrepparttar blue and leave a voicemail like "this is Joe, call me". Unless I already know what you want (or suddenly develop telepathy) I am not going to return your call.

Be brief - Don't leave a fifteen minute message. I can guarantee you that unless you are my wife or a rich uncle leaving me a million dollars I will have erased it long before. If you've got something long winded to say then presumably you've done business with me before, so send me an email instead.

Give merepparttar 102065 information in order - Tell me who you are first, then, if necessary, what company you work with. Now tell me your phone number, then tell me what you want. That'srepparttar 102066 best way to get me to return your call.

Tell merepparttar 102067 phone number slowly - The best thing to do with a phone number is say it slowly. A second between each digit is best. This gives me time to write downrepparttar 102068 number. Also, don't mumble your phone number. Speak it clearly and precisely. It's also a good idea to repeat atrepparttar 102069 end ofrepparttar 102070 message just to make sure I've got it.

Generally, as I said atrepparttar 102071 beginning of this article, I will not even attempt to return phone calls unless they follow these rules. And believe me, it does not take long to "train" regular callers - they want me to call them back.

Follow these suggestions and you will get a prompt call back withrepparttar 102072 answers or service that you need. This saves everyone time, which improves our productivity.

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets at http://www.internet-tips.net - Visit our website any time to read over 1,000 complete FREE articles about how to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge.

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