Misery Loves Company - A marketing Disease

Written by Jim Hoffman

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Doesrepparttar company offer training and guidance?

Most scams will only offer you ocassional email support and usually try and sell you onrepparttar 122444 backend. Look for companies that offer both phone and email support. You also want complete online support - audios, videos, downloads and anything else that will help you succeed.

You want to stay away from companies that are vague in what they are selling and seem more interested in getting you torepparttar 122445 sign up page. Or companies that just are going to "teach you to market" without any real product or support system.

Also, companies that have a system that is too hard for you to understand. How will you succeed if you can't sell it yourself?

The bottom line is. Don't be to quick to ignore valuable marketing systems. Investigate, ask questions and then go for it. Many people are actually online making full time salaries with these programs. The trick is to findrepparttar 122446 one that you enjoy and believe in.

Once you do, you will triumph. I will end this article with a final question.

If Network Marketing didn't work, why would so many people being doing it successfully?

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MLM: Powerlines vs. Downlines

Written by Bethany Davis

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This isrepparttar equivilent of starting a downline in MLM. This is whyrepparttar 105672 "downline" system rarely works, and why most affiliates in MLM fail to make money. Sad, isn't it?

Fortunately, theres another kind of system. Remember atrepparttar 105673 start of this article when I told you to trash any program that doesn't include a "Powerline" system? Well, this isrepparttar 105674 system that was BUILT for your success.

The beauty of a powerline is that you haverepparttar 105675 opportunity of earning commissions from ONE powerline -- those below you and those above you! You don't just earn money for your efforts, but also forrepparttar 105676 entire group efforts. When everyone works together inrepparttar 105677 powerline, everyone gets paid! As you can see,repparttar 105678 profits can be maximized tremendously in a powerline!

Unfortunately, there aren't many companies using a powerline system. But if you do a little searching, its not too hard to find powerline systems. Do a little search on your favorite search engine and I'm sure you'll come up with something.

Here are a few of my favorite powerline MLM's:

Program #1: http://yuna.167aday.com Program #2: http://sapphira.juvio.com Program #3: http://monster-traffic.com/members/index.cgi?sapphira

Here's to YOUR success in MLM!

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