Miscommunication - Root Cause of Problems?

Written by Reed Floren

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See? If only one of them tookrepparttar initiative to speak out what's in his or her mind, then that particular dilemma would be over.

Now why would people prefer to keep their complaints and criticisms to themselves? What's holding them back?

It's because they do not want to be rejected. Most, people, if not all, would like to be accepted and to be perceived as likeable inrepparttar 150581 eyes of others.

So can you get your message across without hurting their feelings?

Substitute negative statements with positive ones.

Instead of saying "You don't understand," say "Let me explain." Instead of remarking "You're wrong," say "Permit me to clarify." Instead of stating "You failed to say," just mention "Perhaps this was not stated."

There are certain words that affect a person more negatively in comparison with other words that haverepparttar 150582 same meaning.

Nothing could be more pleasing torepparttar 150583 ear than hearing someone else say that you are right. In this case, be prepared to let other people know that you respect their opinions. You may add your comments atrepparttar 150584 end, but acknowledge them first.

Say: You're right, although ... Great suggestion, however ... I agree with your opinion, however ... I would feelrepparttar 150585 same way if I were you, although ... I understand your situation, however ...

Reassure your counterparts thatrepparttar 150586 decision made will benefit both parties. People need to feel that they have maderepparttar 150587 right choice.

Communication is a gift. Use it wisely for everyone's advantage.

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The True and Magnificent Power of Giving

Written by Reed Floren

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Giving is also a healthy habit. It could prolong your life by instilling within you an inner sense of peace and accomplishment.

Just like all things in life, giving has its limitations. Being too generous can have its toll. Your kindness might be taken advantage of and people might abuse your good intentions. Beware of individuals who are continuously seeking your aid. It's better to teach them how to solve their problems than to always attend to their needs.

As one saying goes ...

"Give them some fish and you'll feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish and you'll feed them for a lifetime."

Lastly, here's what I considerrepparttar most important rule about giving. Keep your good deeds to yourself. Don't announce torepparttar 150580 whole world that you've donated $100,000 to your favorite charity or that you've helped save a child from a life-threatening disease.

If you really desire to give, do it secretly and in private. Some people would write "anonymous" rather than their own names when they've made a contribution. The universe smiles upon these individuals, and they will get their just rewards in due time.

Now that you know how wonderful it is to give, would you go out torepparttar 150581 world and share your blessings?

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