Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who's the Fairest Of Them All?

Written by Elena Fawkner

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To achieve true leverage, everyone in your organization must haverepparttar same potential for growth as you yourself enjoy.


To enjoy true leverage,repparttar 117811 people in your organization must be productive. You develop productive people by training them effectively, by teaching them how to do what you do so they can turn around and createrepparttar 117812 same results for themselves. It means investing your time in training people so that they hopefully become at least as successful as you are.


In order to avoid cannibalizing your business by training leaders only to have them leave your organization to set up in competition for themselves, they must haverepparttar 117813 same opportunity for growth staying in your organization as they would if they left it.

There's only one way of doing business that meets all these criteria for wealth generation.

Network marketing.

Despite any preconceptions you may have,repparttar 117814 fact remains that network marketing isrepparttar 117815 fairest business model of them all. Why? Because only with network marketing can repparttar 117816 member ofrepparttar 117817 organization that createsrepparttar 117818 larger or more productive organization be compensated commensurately even if that means he or she earns more than those higher uprepparttar 117819 ladder.

Unlikerepparttar 117820 traditional hierarchy of an organization of which you are an employee, you knowrepparttar 117821 one - you do allrepparttar 117822 work and your boss does nothing yet he gets allrepparttar 117823 rewards - in network marketing it doesn't matter how much money your sponsor earns, if you're more productive, you earn more. And because your sponsor benefits from your success in terms of commissions based on your productivity, it's in your sponsor's interest to help you be as successful as possible, just as it's in your best interests to help those in your organization be as successful as they can possibly be. Win win.

=== "It's always wise to raise questions aboutrepparttar 117824 most obvious and simple assumptions": C. West Churchman. === Do yourself a favor. If you've got it in your head that there's something illegitimate about network marketing, invest a half hour or so of your time in a bit of education. Watchrepparttar 117825 Brilliant Compensation video and make up your OWN mind. DON'T let other people, no matter how well- intentioned, deprive you of your freedom to choose what's in YOUR best interests. Sure, armed withrepparttar 117826 FACTS, as opposed to other people's OPINIONS, you may still decide, for your *own* reasons, that network marketing is not for you. Fine! But a little bit of independent thought may just open up a whole new world of opportunity.

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical home business ideas for the work-from-home entrepreneur. http://www.ahbbo.com

Are You FINALLY Ready to Stop Failing Online?

Written by Jeffrey Lant

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* takingrepparttar time to learn about these products and services so that you can answer prospect questions

* making surerepparttar 117810 company offers you training and assistance for making sales

* knowing how to get good quality low-cost prospect leads

* then setting your sales objective and spendingrepparttar 117811 necessary time and effort to achieve them.

One online company which has succeeded following these common sense guidelines is Worldprofit, Inc. Since 1993, they've helped thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs build successful online businesses by offering quality services at attractive prices and providing necessary web design, technical assistance, and dealer training.

Their products includerepparttar 117812 very popular e-properties you can see at http://www.trafficcenter.com/properties Their Business Starter and Ultimate Home Business Packages come in both custom and ready-made varieties, and Worldprofit offers very attractive payment terms, so you can get started today and pay for your property out ofrepparttar 117813 proceeds of your sales.

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is author of some of the most popular business-building books in the world. Check out his catalog at http://www.jeffreylant.com

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