Mirror Mirror

Written by Terri Wells

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At least once a day look into a mirror place a decisive smile on your face and say very simply: "Beautiful," and know, that no matter how you feel you are describing yourself!

Over a period of time not only will you begin to feel beautiful. You will also ,begin to see things about your physical self in a much better light and begin to compliment yourself.

In transition as you will you feel more beautiful. You will hold your head higher and have a more graceful walk. Don't think others won*t notice* they will!

I wrote this article especially for Body By Baby EZine Subscribers, becauserepparttar concept of beauty is often lost to women who have became mothers.

Bringing forth a brand NEW LIFE is usually accompanied by extra weight. We as a society must embracerepparttar 148976 childbearing body before, during and after pregnancy.

If I may boldly borrow fromrepparttar 148977 Ezine. The body that encompass and nourish a child should be "Treasured as a One of a Kind Work of Art. Sculptured not by hands but byrepparttar 148978 delicate development of new life!"

I want to apologize to all women who has NOT felt beautiful due to media*s concept of beauty. No one or no thing should ever make a person feel that they are lacking in any area of self worth. forrepparttar 148979 BIBLE says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made!

The next time you look into a Mirror don't ASK it if you're beautiful,

TELL IT YOUR'RE BEAUTIFUL! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By: Terri Wells twells@writeme.com for



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Always think positive if you want positive results

Written by Stephen Hill

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I listened and thought about what he had said. I had never been a big reader or watcher ofrepparttar news, but decided to start. The advice was totally correct,repparttar 148883 news from aroundrepparttar 148884 world and even my own country was quite shocking. I realised thatrepparttar 148885 worries I had were actually quite trivial and that I needed to cherish everyday and start to look onrepparttar 148886 bright side of life.

Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill helps people with their confidence issues. He has a couple of websites at http://www.gain-confidence.co.uk and at http://www.stutter-cure.com

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