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Written by Bill Naugle

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Naugle Ministries has an introductory offer to any new Christian Ministry who requestsrepparttar idea and plan for “Increase Book Sales” will receive it Free. Naugle Ministries wants to prove to you that these ideas and programs really work. Ministry Consultant Bill Naugle wants you to have this great gift with no strings attached. Just send an email to request “Increase Book Sales”. Bill Naugle has been in Christian Ministry for over thirty years. He is an Ordained Minister ofrepparttar 137855 Gospel and writer. His Ministry has helped many people. Started in 2002.Received his license as a Ministry Consultant in 2003from Church Central. He has received positive feedback on his teachings. Contact: Ministry Consultant Bill Naugle Naugle Ministries 697 Lindaire Ln. E Mansfield, Ohio 44906

I have been writing for 30 years on subjects of financial gain and other topics. I have written 2 books and many pamphlets. I also written many articles. I like subjects that deal with self improvement.


Written by Irvin L. Rozier

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Our souls need to be sorrowful and very heavy. Are you sorrowful aboutrepparttar condition of your family? Are you sorrowful aboutrepparttar 137822 condition of your church? Are you willing to give up everything so that God can bring forth revival? Are you willing to pray all night? I was praying all that Saturday night with a spirit of heaviness I have never before had. The Lord sent some people by to comfort and pray with me. The spirit of God fell down on Sunday afternoon at 3:00 byrepparttar 137823 water well at Shiloh church,repparttar 137824 oldest church in our county. The spiritual water started flowing, and I knewrepparttar 137825 Lord had answered my prayers and lifted this prayer burden.

Monday morning, I received a phone call from a woman I had been praying for and witnessing to for over seven years. She said, "I got saved Saturday night, I asked Jesus to come into my heart." Then several other people who I had been praying for and witnessing to called and asked for prayer. Revival and souls added torepparttar 137826 kingdom comes about when your heart is broken overrepparttar 137827 condition ofrepparttar 137828 lost. Are you willing to earnestly pray forrepparttar 137829 lost?

Irvin L. Rozier

Author of My Walk with the Lord,, various other articles and poems (do a google search on my name), preacher, retired military

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