Mining eMail Gold

Written by Jeff Jordan

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Once someone has opened your email,repparttar most important motivational factor for an immediate online purchase (cited by 70%) isrepparttar 109598 discount, followed by merchant recognition (60%). It is also interesting to note that 78% ofrepparttar 109599 permission-based email subscribers have purchased through an e-mail link. As you can see these are some significant numbers!

What can do to improve our results?

Long-term, Continually Build Trust.

1) Strive to provide information and offers that are useful to your subscribers, So that they WANT to open messages from you.

2) Do not abuse your list, too many messages sent to your e- mail base no matter how useful will overload those subscribers.

3) Try to step intorepparttar 109600 shoes of you audience and think how they will react to your message.

Short-term, review and analyze your e-mail communications tactics.

1) Review and testrepparttar 109601 subject line of your emails (offers, newsletters, acknowledgements, etc.) to make sure that it is appropriate, compelling and targeted for your audience.

2) Look for appropriate cross-sell, up-sell opportunities within e-mail communications that would be appropriate. Suggest a complementary product with a discount in your order acknowledgement e-mail. When done with tack, can be very compelling and gives your customer a special deal.

3) Provide a free "something" as a thank you. It should be complementary to your customer base so that they find it of value. Periodic useful freebies can do wonders for your open rate.

There where a number of other interesting facts inrepparttar 109602 survey. You can getrepparttar 109603 whole survey at: c_consumer_email_0210.pdf

Start today mining gold and buildingrepparttar 109604 trust of your best and most significant source of sales, your permission based email communications.

============================================================ Jeffrey Jordan, President of Net Marketing Results. He has 20 years experience enhancing profits of Fortune 500 mid and small businesses. Subscribe free to Net Marketing Results Newsletter at Contact Jeff at ============================================================

Jeffrey Jordan, President of Net Marketing Results. He has 20 years experience enhancing profits of Fortune 500 mid and small businesses. Subscribe free to Net Marketing Results Newsletter at Contact Jeff at

Get Your Emails Organized, Part II : Fight Spam !

Written by Detlev Reimer

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5.) E-mail for personal marketing contacts only (e.g. contact with other newsletter publishers/JV-partners/affiliates etc. ) - e.g. :

And additionally, if you publish an ezine, you'll need these :

6.) E-mail for article submissions -e.g.:

7.) E-mail for advertisement info -e.g.: or

Then you create new inboxes for each of these new email accounts . The next step is to set up rules for filteringrepparttar incoming emails intorepparttar 109597 right folders ( described in part I of "Get your emails organized" ) .

With this very basic filtering system, you can categorize your in- coming emails at a glance. You will also be able to delete all spam mails you received with two clicks of your mouse .

The 3 Golden Rules Of Spam Reduction :

NEVER EVER use your private/subscription addresses/marke- ting contacts email addresses for public purposes. Never leave these addresses on websites and don't use them in your email correspondences (except for validation purposes from ezines you are subscribed to, e.g. to get your free ads) !

NEVER EVER post to FFA-pages (byrepparttar 109598 way, you won't get any results from using them as these pages are hardly ever seen by a human ....- Owning an FFA-page is something different) !

NEVER EVER reply to spammers (this is just a hint for them thatrepparttar 109599 email address is VALID !) !

And last but not least : I've come across a great resource that fights spam with their own methods at :

This is a cgi-script that fights spam by creating dynamic email- addresses . The harvesting software collects that many email addresses that a lot of them are just rubbish forrepparttar 109600 owner who uses those methods .

Although you can reducerepparttar 109601 amount of spam by adoptingrepparttar 109602 rules and habits I mentioned in this article, I am quite sure that spammers will survive because not everybody knows how to prevent or reduce spam and those intruders will find new victims....

Article by Detlev Reimer. Feel free to use the article with these bylines included. Detlev has just finished creating his first product, a database program for Internet marketers which will help you to save and organize e.g. your advertising, customer and contact data. For further details, please visit : . Sign up for his newsletter at .

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