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Written by Jason James

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Finally, you should examinerepparttar auction page's counter--that is, ifrepparttar 147919 seller has included one--to determine how many people actually have viewedrepparttar 147920 listing. Ifrepparttar 147921 number is high, then you know this particular seller has done his or her homework and placedrepparttar 147922 item where it likely will generaterepparttar 147923 most traffic and interest.

Ifrepparttar 147924 auction has received multiple bids orrepparttar 147925 current bid price exceedsrepparttar 147926 minimum asking price by a wide margin, then you've got a good idea where to pitch your own sales tent and how to proceed with your own listing.

Dredging uprepparttar 147927 Past Now, let's say you've peered into every conceivable category but still couldn't locate anything remotely similar to your item. Think you're done? Not by a long shot. One ofrepparttar 147928 nice things about eBay's search tool is that in addition to accessing "live" auctions, it also can bring up a list of auctions that ended recently.

In fact, you only need to go torepparttar 147929 main eBay search page and click onrepparttar 147930 "Completed Items" link. Then type inrepparttar 147931 keyword inrepparttar 147932 search field, and away you go. Within seconds, you'll have at your disposal a list of keyword-enabled auctions that ended withinrepparttar 147933 past three weeks.

And what can you do with that information? Well, for starters, you can conduct some free market research--reviewrepparttar 147934 closing price for each individual auction and see whetherrepparttar 147935 auction actually attracted any bidders.

Secondly, you can search for additional completed auctions for other unrelated items that you might have considered listing at one time or another but decided against it. By calling up closed auctions, you quickly can determine whether your decision was sound or perhaps hasty; and best of all, it didn't cost you a dime to find outrepparttar 147936 results.

Where, What, How As an online seller, there are several distinct advantages that come with regularly perusing eBay. Unlike e-commerce sites, outside sellers can see what's hot inrepparttar 147937 marketplace and whether things are trending up or down. Remember, there's lots of useful information tucked away withinrepparttar 147938 highly trafficked eBay--all you need to know is where to look, what to look for, and how to look for it.

Jason James is a 10 year Internet marketing veteran and an eBay Power Seller of 4 years. His website "The Auction Resource Network" reveals his inside secrets, tips, and sources that help him pocket over $10,000 per month on eBay.

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Nodus Provides Business Process Automation for Online Commerce

Written by Nodus Technologies, Inc.

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Online commerce process automation isrepparttar first in what will be a series of targeted solutions to be implemented. “Our vision is to work with leading independent software vendors (ISVs) to integrate other core business requirements from multiple suppliers to provide an end-to-end solution,” said Donte Kim, CEO of Nodus Technologies. “The resulting solution stacks will save time and resources for companies seeking to automate their business process."

Amidstrepparttar 147675 current surge in eCommerce, eStore Solution Stack based on Nodus’ acclaimed eStore Advantage, is very appealing to companies seeking an immediate solution to automate web store orders. In addition to seamless integration with Microsoft Great Plains, eStore Solution Stack also interfaces with trusted payment gateway providers, like VeriSign, Wells Fargo, Paymentech and others.

eStore Solution Stack for BV Commerce is available for general release immediately. For product and pricing information, please contact

About Nodus Technologies, Inc. Nodus Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated payment processing solutions. Leveraging its patent-pending technology,repparttar 147676 company enables organizations to achieve end-to-end connectivity by seamlessly integrating front and back office business applications. Nodus Technologies solutions facilitate greater scalability by utilizing an open architecture which readily supportsrepparttar 147677 addition of payment gateways and business environments. Based on a collaborative framework, its applications integrate with Microsoft® Business Solutions–Great Plains as well as other accounting packages, ERP’s, POS, B2B portal, call center, and CRM solutions. Additional information about Nodus Technologies products and services can be found at

Known for the superior integration and flexibility of our solutions, Nodus enables businesses to integrate various front-end applications such as Web orders, POS, CRM, and electronic payments with multiple banks, processors, and back office environments.

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