Mini Moto Madness!

Written by Matt Tong

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Despiterepparttar size of these little wonders adults are getting them for their kids but more commonly, for themselves. Normal models can regularly go 35mph, all though parents can set them to max out at much slower speeds or … modify them to go faster. Moreover, models with more powerful engines are available. A GRC RX with 15hp 50cc engine by GRC Moto can be purchased for a mere £1999. The Mini Moto explosion shows no signs of ending anytime soon and MM racing leagues have been in practice inrepparttar 141542 UK for around seven years now.

The Mini Moto Racing Association offersrepparttar 141543 following categories for you to test your Mini Moto.

Junior Lights (4.2 hp) Age 6 - 15 up to 35.9 Kg Junior Cadets (4.2 hp) Age 6 - 15 over 36 Kg Junior Production Age 9 - 15 no weight limits Lightweight Production Age 16 + up to 74.9 Kg Senior Production Age 16 + over 75 Kg 4.2 Senior Age 16 + no weight limits Supers Age 16 + no weight limits

Race meeting are held around torepparttar 141544 country at Go Kart and Mini Moto Tracks. There are also many ‘Arrive and Drive’ practice sessions hosted by tracks aroundrepparttar 141545 UK.

Matt Tong has been riding and importing Mini Motos for over two years. For expert help and advice please visit

Colorado Fly Fishing – Bait Huckin' vs. Fly Fishin'

Written by Rick Chapo

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We charge for shore asrepparttar lake turns to white caps. The rain and lightning moves in fast. Did I mention that we gotrepparttar 141418 boat for free and have no clue what to do inrepparttar 141419 rain? We pullrepparttar 141420 boat up close to shore near our camp, outside ofrepparttar 141421 no-wake zone. We leave all of our gear and head forrepparttar 141422 soggy camp.

Well, apparently it’s best to leave your boat in protected cove inrepparttar 141423 no wake zone. From what we could tell, our boat was hammered with 300 to 400 gallons of water fromrepparttar 141424 waves and boat wakes from boaters rushing back torepparttar 141425 dock. Yes, it sank in 18 inches of water. I didn’t realize a boat could sink in 18” of water! All of our gear is floating aroundrepparttar 141426 shore. The gas tank and gear which included an Orvis waste pack with hmmmm, some 500 plus flies. Every box any fly had to be opened and dried onrepparttar 141427 dashboards of our trucks.

We bailrepparttar 141428 boat, loadrepparttar 141429 truck and haul our soggy gear and crippled egos back home.

Next memorial day, it’s back torepparttar 141430 river!!!

Rick Chapo is with Nomad Journals - Preserve the experience with writing journals for traveling, hiking, rock climbing, fly fishing, bird watching and more. This story series is being created from journals entries in a Nomad Fly-Fishing Journal.

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