Mineral Makeup a Natural Acne Cure?

Written by Jennifer Parker

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Mineral makeup is made of natural minerals derived fromrepparttar earth, these minerals are not only inorganic but they are also extremely resistant to water. They actually act as a shield on your face keeping bacteria feeding moisture away from your pores. Mineral makeup is not soluable in water so even if you put water directly on your facerepparttar 150348 minerals will not be absorbed andrepparttar 150349 water cannot pass through.

Mineral makeup does not clog pores either. Because it is so finely milled during production,repparttar 150350 granules are much smaller than your pores. This not only prevents acne from forming, but makesrepparttar 150351 makeup extremely easy to blend intorepparttar 150352 skin with a very flawless look and conceals problem areas very well. If you suffer from a break outrepparttar 150353 finely milled minerals are very effective as disguising it.

Because of these and other unique qualities mineral makeup is known througoutrepparttar 150354 world asrepparttar 150355 skin care makeup and recommended to acne sufferers by dermatologists. Ultimately, it does not matter whatrepparttar 150356 cause of your acne is, without water to feedrepparttar 150357 bacteria, and something to clogrepparttar 150358 pores and hold that moisture in acne cannot form or worsen. If you suffer from acne, mineral makeup may end up being your best friend.

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Massage for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Written by Tiffany Field, Ph.D.; Miguel Diego; Christy Cullen; Kristin Hartshorn; Alan Gruskin; Maria Hernandez-Reif, Ph.D.; and William Sunshine

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A nerve conduction test was also performed atrepparttar start and finish ofrepparttar 150297 study. This involved stimulation ofrepparttar 150298 median sensory nerves through electrodes placed on each subject's index finger and wrist. Peak sensory latencies were recorded to test for nerve compression atrepparttar 150299 carpal tunnel. Median peak latency wasrepparttar 150300 primary outcome measure.

Assessments were also made before and afterrepparttar 150301 massage sessions onrepparttar 150302 first and last days ofrepparttar 150303 study, includingrepparttar 150304 Perceived Grip Strength Scale; VITAS, a pain assessment using a visual analogue scale;repparttar 150305 state anxiety inventory; andrepparttar 150306 Profile of Mood States.

Results ofrepparttar 150307 study showed thatrepparttar 150308 subjects inrepparttar 150309 massage group had significantly less pain and reduced carpal tunnel symptoms, as well as shorter median peak latencies and increased grip strength.

"Functional activity also improved as noted in reduced pain and increased grip strength inrepparttar 150310 massage therapy group, both immediately afterrepparttar 150311 first and last massage therapy sessions and byrepparttar 150312 end ofrepparttar 150313 study," staterepparttar 150314 study's authors. "Finally,repparttar 150315 massage therapy group reported lower anxiety and depressed mood levels both immediately afterrepparttar 150316 first and last sessions and byrepparttar 150317 end ofrepparttar 150318 study."

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*Source: Touch Research Institutes at the University of Miami School of Medicine in Miami, Florida. Originally published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, 2004, Vol. 8, pp. 9-14.

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