Mindfulness and Retirement: Time To Play

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

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How do you picture yourself at age 65? 75? 85? You've got a decent shot at living to be 100.

Howard and Marika Stone have been inspiring people to reinvent themselves as they get older. On their website, 2Young2Retire.com, they share dozens of stories of folks who have done just that. Their intention is to help others "navigaterepparttar uncharted waters of longevity" and they do so with great passion and humor.

Whether we're 20 or 70, we can use mindfulness to help us see who we want to be next. The first step? Pay attention to what we consider to be FUN. Focus on what we do that feels like we're playing instead of working. Notice our "guilty pleasures"--those things we do when we think we should be working on something else.

Here'srepparttar 135989 good news: You can get paid for having fun. You can help your community while you're doing what you can only describe as goofing off. You can learn new skills and demonstrate overlooked talents in a way that helps others while making you laugh. And it's not too early to start thinking about what that might look like.

Retire your idea of retirement and embracerepparttar 135990 concept of reinvention. Look at what you're dreaming about doing, and be mindful of how you can start "investing" in your opportunities for greater fun. That's my personal prescription forrepparttar 135991 not-enough-Social-Security blues.

That, and perhaps finding a lovely house onrepparttar 135992 coast in Brazil, where I can become fluent in Portuguese and become a painter, or a novelist, or start a school, or build a playground, or design a community garden, or write songs, or dance til dawn, or berepparttar 135993 happiest grandmother alive. Or all ofrepparttar 135994 above.

I'll tell my daughter to start looking.

Maya Talisman Frost is a mind masseuse in Portland, Oregon. Through her company, Real-World Mindfulness Training, she teaches fun and effective eyes-wide-open alternatives to meditation. To subscribe to her free weekly ezine, the Friday Mind Massage, please visit http://www.MassageYourMind.com.

The Roots Of Poverty

Written by Isaiah Hull

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Inadequate Access to Medical Clinics:

Most citizens ofrepparttar Third World lack access to medical clinics and basic medical counseling. This is generally because governments in LDCs do not have enough resources to sponsor sufficient medical programs. Many LDCs also lack medical professionals as a result of underfunded educational systems. When people cannot visit clinics regularly, they do not getrepparttar 135615 counseling they need to prevent illness and often end up incapacitated by easily- curable illnesses and parasites, such as worms.

Underfunded Education:

Many citizens ofrepparttar 135616 Third World also lack access to education. Since governments in LDCs do not have funds to provide an educational system for all students, they often create unreasonably hard standardized testing systems to prevent students from graduating; and even when they do passrepparttar 135617 tests, they are often held back because there simply are not enough resources to support them. Without access to basic and vocational education, new generations in LDCs are being severely limited in both future choices and ability to contribute torepparttar 135618 country’s development.

Inadequate Access to Nutritious Food:

Much ofrepparttar 135619 Third World lacksrepparttar 135620 money and resources to eat or grow a nutritious diet--and instead must subsist on one meal each day of starchy local food staples and vegetables. This leads to severe undernutrition in both adults and children,repparttar 135621 often-fatal malnutrition-infection cycle in infants and young children, and high-incidence of diabetes in adults. Many people--specifically in certain geographic areas--also lackrepparttar 135622 means to cook meals. This causes those affected to choose between hunger and food- borne illness.

Inadequate Access to Improved Water

Isaiah Hull is the CEO of Social Justice Incorporated, a hybrid business that offers information and news on poverty, hunger, and the Third World; and also operates a cause related shopping mall, bookstore, and jewelry store which donates 75% of profit to social justice charities. Go to http://www.socialjusticeinc.com to learn more about similar topics or to make a donation to charity by simply shopping online.

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